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Converting .tiff to .stl format for rapid prototyping or layered manufacture

Blender can’t do it.

It has yet to be done.

Do your own search and you will find out.

And besides – Rapid prototyping lays down resin in too thick a layer for micron sized objects that are translucent to a confocal laser.


  1. Chris White says:

    I like it. I just don’t understand it. All the best. Kris. 🔧

    • Bioman says:

      I’m referring potential employers and my publisher to my site – it’s not just for bloggers….so for completeness I am adding a few posts…..maybe it IS complicated and strange to you, but it’s a bit easier than you think. I promise. .tiff is the file format of a confocal microscope output and .stl is the ffile format of a rapid prototyper – converting one to the other is a project no one in the world seems to hav attempted yet. Best Wishes, Bruce

      • Chris White says:

        Thanks Bruce. That does make more sense now. Converting one to the other would make life a whole lot easier, I’m guessing. Bic Biro will be back soon in … ROLLERBALL. All the best. Kris.

  2. brightonbipolar says:

    I’m with Chris on this one…lol
    I love the new profile pic by the way!

  3. Bioman says:

    Excellent – I am looking forward to the next episode about his “nibs”.

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