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PUBLISHING NEWS: Papers 2 and 3

Two new pages have been added to the frontpage of my blog, namely the textfile of my published today second paper and the textfile of my resubmited an corrected Paper 3 which I have goood feelings about.


You’ll find them at the bottom of the list



Bioman 13

You know, I could write a story about a guy who gets falsely accused and it goes down in his med notes unbeknownst to him, and he spends 8 years fighting an authority he doesn’t understand as it comes down hard on him. He gets subjected to psych drugs with the side effect of causing hallucinations and weight gain and he almost suffers kidney failure from an overdose of Olanzipine. Eventually, he gets his med notes and he finds out and he discovers it was all based upon a “joke” by the professors of the Faculty, who wanted to destroy his career as an academic and to suppress his work and release it by other means. A joke they can easily deny with the foreknowledge of the psychiatric system and the knowledge that Legal Aid for lawsuits in mental health are not forthcoming. Yes, I could make a movie about reading Long Road to Freedom in a South African Mental Institution in Port Elizabeth, to the fellow institutionalised…about finally getting my PhD papers published nine years after deregistering from Bath University….

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders

Publication and up a spot on the chart

This has been like a movie folks so you must excuse me putting all this on a blog….you may wonder why?  There have been times when I thought I was going to be “disappeared” by the authorities….I couldn’t figure out why they were so heavy handed on me.

The purpose?  Among other things – to suppress my work and sheer bloody minded desire to destroy the career of an unpopular academic.  Me.

When I finally dumped all my results online about two years ago, on this blog, the number of hits went to 270+ per day.  Now I have finally squeaked in and answered a call for papers through LinkedIn of all places, and been published!

Nine years and some months later, after I deregistered from my PhD at the University of Bath in the controversy given the reception to my research results.

Number of downloads on paper 1 have passed 800 and it is now in the number 19 spot, up one from 20.

Pleased as punch.  Parts 2 and 3 have just been resubmitted so fingers crossed!!


Second Paper Accepted for Publication

Paper 2 has been accepted for publication by Springer-Open Journal of Robotics and Biomimetics!!  With some final corrections.

Please note it has changed substantially from the paper seen here – which is to be corrected at a future date.

Now the wait continues for a verdict on paper 3 which is bieng re-submitted at the end of the week..