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Publication and up a spot on the chart

This has been like a movie folks so you must excuse me putting all this on a blog….you may wonder why?  There have been times when I thought I was going to be “disappeared” by the authorities….I couldn’t figure out why they were so heavy handed on me.

The purpose?  Among other things – to suppress my work and sheer bloody minded desire to destroy the career of an unpopular academic.  Me.

When I finally dumped all my results online about two years ago, on this blog, the number of hits went to 270+ per day.  Now I have finally squeaked in and answered a call for papers through LinkedIn of all places, and been published!

Nine years and some months later, after I deregistered from my PhD at the University of Bath in the controversy given the reception to my research results.

Number of downloads on paper 1 have passed 800 and it is now in the number 19 spot, up one from 20.

Pleased as punch.  Parts 2 and 3 have just been resubmitted so fingers crossed!!



    • Bioman says:

      Paper 2 as I ahve said is accepted in principle so the pressure is off there, but part 3 I had to rejig substantially in conforming to the format of the journal as well as at the editor’s behest. For part 3 it is a bit gut swooping…the wait, that is…

  1. Bioman says:

    First I got detained and copmpared with the Sandy Hook Shooter at North Goergia Tech, USA….hook. See the uncanny connection? Through a Professor Hunt at Bath University who may of may not have acted alone. That gives them the excuse to throw the book at me. I have been detained at…Harrogate, Bradford, Stevenage cygnet hospitals as well as Royal United Hospital and Salisbury PICU (Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit) which was scary….as well as Elizabeth Donkin Hospital, Port Elizabeth, a state hospital notorious for being the worst in South Africa. It has been interesting, but one has to be like smoke and allow these experiences to blow through one. And not touch the bone.
    Now you see why I havebeen concerned about just “Disappearing” after being a serious student activist at Bath University during my PhD. Brought on by my initial assault, which both freaked me out and pissed me off no end.

  2. Bioman says:

    You see the “joke”? These fuckers hit me with a “Sandy Hook” and accused me of being potentially violent because of my past political associations. That is racist in itself. My subect: The Functional; Ecology and Mechanical Properties of Hooks in Nature. Hooks. Sandy hook. The Sandy Hook shooter. It’s scary what these masonic mf’s at Bath University have their fingers in….

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