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John the Boptist II

There was a kind of manner of speaking that let those who knew me to know that there was something wrong with me.  I could not get the rest of the tiny picture out of my head that it was about the way that they all tried to gain a lot of time from me without getting a lot of vowel sounds.

Moebius writing – it changes sides/meaning without you even noticing that it has.  This is what I like.

Now I want you to see that there is a lot happening in my life which is why I do not go out a lot.  I have a lot to do and a lot to keep check of.  This means that I do not get a lot of sex either and therefore it is important for you to know this:  that I am not going to give a stuff about any woman who comes into my life unless she has a lot going for her, too.  I will be the one who is unformed in the end and that shall make thee understand that it is thee who I want and not those who are surrounding us.

I want to make sure that all and sundry understand that this nonsense above is not aimed at you it is at the right legal body of the holder of the frown named David bloody Cameron and his niece Ms Jo Brand who has interfered with enough business to make sure that it is without the necessary need for it.  I will not content that it is going to be the first time I say this but it is going to be the end of all time when I finally make it to tell you all that it is the fault of Mr Sir Mark Thatcher that I am on the MI5 list and that is because I have insulted him and his fault is to deny that he had anything to do with the alleged kidnapping of Mr Patrice Lamumba back when in the 2000’s of South Africa when he was there planning to kidnap him with the aid of Mr Mike Hoare, Free agent extraordinaire.  When he tried to kidnap said Presidential candidate and free thinker from the CAR he did not require any visas to enter our country.  Now that could change if we do not see a wherewithal to change this habit of behaviour and when this happens we shall understand that there is a change in the one who sees it first and the one who sees it Never since it is the way of the world to be this way and to save the end result to the end of the book.

It is not the fact that it is all about Unionization it is about the fact that no wonder they could all get there they couldn’t – in other words – they have all been sanctioned by Mr David Cameron himself to be able to get all the people into one bag called “trade unionists” and then stop them from exporting or importing their oil from overseas – the ILO or International Labour Organisation for instance, for the poor shall not be the ones who deserve this end of the stick but rather deserve the right to govern themselves and so it is that I am not going to be the one who gets into the problem house but the one who gets out of it.

I am about to go and see what it is that I can do.  Okay, how’s this for an idea – “teaching grass for example, or the grass cuttings to be exact so they are severed from the root and the host plant,  to continue “growing” through the interaction of atmospheric carbon and water and the natural affinity of grass to the fact that it should grow, continuously, in other words its genetic features, seeing as it has enough minerals etc to be able to make it through another ten percent increase in fibre length through the evolution of their being a greater part of the face of it on the fat.  It is within the deposition of myself that I say this. I will say that it is the start of all the new and not the old of this town to be aware that it unfair to be able to see this without being able to tell me so so you should all press “follow” pretty quick or you will not lose your privilege.  Just hit follow if you want to follow the story.

To continue my idea about growing grass artificially, in that way the fibre will grow “into” any space and occupy it thereby being able to gain shape.  This is a form of artificial attachment and can make the manufacture of computer motherboards a thing of the past as they are currently produced plus have an effect of making all those who use it a little mad at themselves for not having thought of it first themselves.

What you do is you pour the sludge into a tray and then wait for it to solidify and so grow.  It is allowed to reach a new level of fear potential when it starts to inhabit the outer section of your room tonight and make scary noises though.  No – then it forms a fixative that can last as long as the computer but which dismantles into the component bits when you add only water.

This is an original idea so: (Copyright Bruce E Saunders, 2015, 22/12/2015) You saw it here first folks!

The “sludge” is of course GE mixtures of cellulose and water mixture so that it seaps into the framework of the mould, so to speak, and does not get into the rea and the row.  This is a name for it.  Rhea.  It is the name of the framework from which we hang the wet follicles when they are prepared to be pressed into a new work.

I will begin by telling you that it is a Rhea that is the bird that is exclusive to Kiwi-land so go slow with it and see what it is that makes the lot of you all be so square.  It is the fact that you do not know your own language toute suite.  I mean it is now the start of the end and now it is the art of the send.


Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders


  1. Chris White says:

    I have read every word which is good. I particularly admire the idea of educated grass. And just imagine a nano-sludge that could identify cancer, destroy it and repair damage incurred.
    Now look … don’t work too hard. Have you decided about the conference ?
    Meanwhile. Seasonal greetings to you Bruce.

    • The Bioman says:

      I have decided that I am working on an abstract of a presentation as we speak. Whether it will be accepted or not….I will definitely try to go. So you like the idea, Chris? So do I! And a Very Conducive Season to you too, Chris, Thank you!

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