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A Xmas Strange One

I call this a strange post for what I am going to admit below – I might as well be honest.


All  my data was collected in 2002-2005 during a period registered for a PhD at Bath University at the Centre for Biomimetic and Natural Technologies.  As you may or may not have observed I have finally published, sans supervisor, three papers (the third shall be forthcoming).  Parts 1 and 2 are doing well already and I expect them to continue to do so.


Then comes the embarrassing bit.  I have been invited to speak (I get a £100 discount if I do) at the Chinese World Robotics Conference and I confess – I am not entirely sure what application my work has to robotics which are all neural programmiing.  Except possibly to microstructures.


That was the embarrassing bit.


Any ideas?  Well, comment or send me a mail.






  1. Chris White says:

    There must be a reason for them asking. I guess you could always enquire via email. It certainly sounds fascinating.

    • The Bioman says:

      Well, CHris, I came into the game late – I started my PhD at the ripe ol’ age of 38 and I am now…51. The ’51 club!! Anyway, I am not so shit hot on the current software available and freeware as I have not had the required academic access to material. But I guess virtual reality would come into it – however – I hope it may be in design and manufacture…

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