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A Biomimetic Poem by Bioman

Keratin, cellulose, chitin, collagen and bone

Are all we have to build everything

But it should do

Said the He man in charge

Five types of eyes, wings in pairs

Except for insects

Friction and glue

Before horses were invented.

The Cambrian Age saw the explosion

Which is still falling out

Of the stars as we evolve

Under radiation.

The light with which we see

Opened their eyes

In the murky depths

Of the primordial soup.

Now we are almost on Mars

On a vector to the South Seas

Of existence

Look Ma! No wheels!

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders


  1. aqilaqamar says:

    I like this as a celebration of science and the ending was awesome.
    I guess I would have said that the anthropocene has its own complications. After all why is that we made glue instead of just manufacturing the saliva of horses? How come the body in death and quarter in more important than the living one? It’s like slaying a golden goose for just one egg. Because we feel if we crush the goose with the egg it will make a larger egg. Have bigger than smaller circles of ring. Forgetting that only ripples start small and only abysses are large and large without any direction. And abyss which has direction is a vebyss get it velocity and acceleration XD bad joke.

  2. The Bioman says:

    Made me smile – must be a reflection upon my sense of humour – without doubt the age of reason showed us that it was okay to be fieltic to the Queen and Country but not to be slaves and therefore it is of sound knowledge of events that she (the Queen) has auspiced You, my dear, to hold the new factual summarity in front of an audeince of your choice – you may read me anywhere but do not shout for the King’s men as they will threaten you and make you eat your (my) words for they don’t believe in evolution, Don’t ye know? Smile I don’t get it either but it’s there, now!

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