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Catch-up Corrected

Good evening you New comers to my blog (I know there are a few of you).  I will take a moment to explain the absence of posts for a while, what has been going on, and what to hope.

Firstly, I have just unvealed a ring of corrupt police and Bath University staff who have been using the snoop Laws on me for over four years.  They include a Professor (at least one) a student (post grads) and numerous and assorted grads and post-grads – too many to mention.

The post-grad, (female) is married to a policeman here in Bath.

He/they and his colleagues have been using a “pass key” to get into flat, steal and generally destabilise me, at a time when I have been under the vision of a psychiatrist. This has of course played into their hands.


This is it people…..

In the meantime, I have just submitted Paper 3, the text of which is at the bottom of the Menu list on the homepage.

Such have been the changes made that it has gone back to the peer reviewers (which is GREAT!!) for review.  Obviously.


There’s more – see, the changes made to Paper One (the original can be seen above as well as the New Paper One) are hilariouos!!


For months it sat there with a error in the calculations and no one said anything.  Then when I was offered a chance to revise and publish I checked EVERYTHING and found an error!  Which led directly to the exposure of a scaling effect.  Ta-da!!  And of course no one is aware of the Real Conclusions unless they revisit the blog!


I then had some insight and revised Paper Two and that too, is completely different with the new freedom of movement.


So Paper 3 , directly linked to Papers 1 and 2’s Conclusions has moved way from its original condition and thus has merited a review!!!

Copyright 2016 Bruce E Saunders


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