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Poetry Published

Under the auspices of my akter ego, Bioman

I have had a poem called “Anti-psychotic” accepted for publication!

I need a new drug

                         One that comes to the point

                         And sharpens the mind

If it stops on the roundabout

                         Or it stops on the vein

                         Or the artery of Life

It slows down the tempo of thought

       To the degree of nonsense which

              I cannot bear for it shows that I

Have died in my head for you.


In the online Newsletter/magazine calle: “Asylum” dedicated to a Democratic Psychiatry


    • The Bioman says:

      Thanks Sweetie – it’s me Bruce again here – I’m a bit arty sometimes – sorry but you know what they say about Artists, especially piss-artists – they’ll hang around with anyone – you were warned!!

  1. ellenbest24 says:

    Aren’t we “writers, muso’s, sculpters, actors and so on all Artists”? Piss artists only hang around other piss artists as a rule… personally I only require a small slurp of one glass to render me entirely inebriated. SO get drunk on words instead. 😲😱

  2. The Bioman says:

    🙂 It’s a translational thing – here in the UK a piss artist is some who “takes the piss” or “has a laugh at someone else’s expense” like a tease…..nothing to do with anger or alcohol. And i am teetotal, thank you!

  3. yaskhan66 says:

    You should publish Bruce. How are you Brucy

  4. Thanks Yassy I am good this morning after a hard night of e-mails, drafting etc. I hope (the interested party has stated so) to have five or so more published before the end of the year. I have to develop good habits wrt submitting before I can be considered “serious” which I am not 🙂 Have a good day! Be well. B

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