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Round-up – a Visual PhD

I think it’s time for a round-up – and I have been thinking and you know – I’ll bet this is the First, yes First time a PhD in Engineering has been executed in front of witnesses like this.  From no papers at all. to 2 published to a third pending as of last weekend in two years, nowhere to most published Biomimeticist in the UK this year (2015-6)  (maybe) That’s not so bad, is it?


When I first started blogging my blog was a mess for months before I paid any attention to the software.  That was about October 2014.


Since then I have had over six thousand visits, everyone stepping into a part of the process, that I have faithfully recorded, warts and all, here on my Blog.  I want you to understand that I was at Bath University, number 1 for mechanical engineering research in the UK.  Quite demanding you might say….


But I thank you all now, especially you Chris, for you time and hand-holding on this journey which wouldn’t have progressed as smoothly without the aid of the blog which has become an e-textbook, and without you, my guests.


I’m disabled, and my “fuck you!” Bath University, “you don’t fuck with a man like he is a student” has got me excluded from the campus and all buildings including the library and this had a direct deleterious effect on my progress.  I’m a  protestor too of some lengthy experience.

I was assaulted in 2002 at the commencemnt of my PhD and that combined with a host of other stressors like the death of my Dad, being put in a Mental Hospital for unrelenting protesting, excaping from the secure wing at least 9 times, bankruptcy, assault again… being burnt out,passport being stolen from my bedsit as well as cash…all PLUS extensive protestiing including the Make Poverty History March, Stop-the-War II and others…PTSD was the result so I am Mentally Disabled.  Nyaaaah!


Now they are saying that my work is too “old” to qualilfy as a PhD in spite of its publication in a Quality Journal (Springer-Open).  If you find the time and the inclination, e-mail a fat raspberry at the Vice Chancellor Glynnis Breakwell at


Her office won’t even acknowledge recipt of an e-mail from me.  Nor will it answer anything but FOI letters which really please them no-end.





Bruce (Bioman)




  1. Awesome! Thumbs up O Bio One!

  2. omg!

    U hav gone thru so muchh in lyf : ( No ones life is easy though.

    Sad abt those:(

    I dnt kno wat to say.



  3. The Bioman says:

    Hmmm. Babe – that is just the short notes. Believe you me, it could be a lot worse. At least I have my sanity (!) and my peace with myself. But as you know its all about the pain of development. I must have had some way to come.

  4. Chris White says:

    Hi Bruce. Well, I have just dropped her a line. Hope it will get through OK to the right person. All the best. Kris.

  5. The Bioman says:

    You Beauty Kris! Hehehe! I had hoped….!

    • The Bioman says:

      Hi Kris – another application and this I’m quite serious – if I had the money I would put some in the miniaturisation industries. Everything we own and utilise can get smaller just like the mobile phone has. So can be redesigned and manufactured. In India, for instance

      • Chris White says:

        I think the medical applications could be wonderful.
        Also … haven’t had a reply from the university as yet. It was a polite letter so an acknowledgement would at least have been nice. All the best. Kris.

  6. The Bioman says:

    Yes indeed – of course it would reuire new skills and re-design of working practises, but YEAH! Thanks So Much Kris – you are a good one to have on my side!! B

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