Biomimetics, Micro-design, Arctium minus et al Hook and Velcro – A PhD and a Virtual Textbook on Biological Attachment Mechanisms and their Mimicking

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Money for Nothing

I’ll tell you a little secret.  I had to bare my soul to the publishers to get them to waive fees on publication which, Springer-Open has done on three occassions for me now and their criticisms have helped me focus greatly.  I owe Prof Liu, the editor, a great debt of thanks for the sympathetic ear she leant me.

The University of Bath has made zip contribution to my work since 2005.  I am the epitome of the penniless academic researcher/writer/mentally disabled unemployed engineer/biomimeticist.

You know a lot of us, right?


  1. midimike says:

    Of all of the penniless academics I know, you’re my favorite.

    • The Bioman says:

      Now that makes me feel important somehow! Shucks!

    • The Bioman says:

      Yo know – if I didn’t have time on my hands I wouldn’t be here at all and there would be a huge gap in my life right now. BUt this blog served a purpose – at one time my hits were going upwards of 270 per day! and I need to preserve my intellectual property so…

      • midimike says:

        That is the truth of it. We can be so busy that we do not have the time to accomplish what we want. There are important things – like eating and a place to sleep, but many things are also important. Just got to make use of the time we have.

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