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Studying micro-design from Nature.

Studying micro-design from Nature.



This is a paper about the time of the Lord God and the need for some Green Theory in amongst the factual exploitation of Biomimetics.  It is a point of fact that it is about time that sundry people realise it is the fact that we save and conserve ourselves for our needs and wants that makes us successful amongst other population groups on this planet, namely the apes and so forth.  It is with just available means that we take it for granted that all will be sane and then not allowed to become any worse than it is.  But this is not always the case and so it is that nothing should be able to make it to the end produce of the line without a measure of insular methodology to stop it spreading to the inner sphere of the biome.  It is a danger to think it is immeasureable, the danger that it presents, namely biodesign with New Eyes when it is in the wrong hands like the use of chemistry with biology and no Human Rights Watch.  It will be in the end beneficial to Humankind but it needs watching and so it must be so.  This paper outlines the thoughts of a Bimimeticist who has successfully incorporated his own work with that of Hirt et al to produce a new method of adhering to science but acting with and not against, Nature, namely using scanning electro-deposition microscopy to manufacture natural shapes in detail to within-micron accuracy.





There is more to evolution that the Linnaeus classification system reveals.  The “evolutional sieve” of Nicklaus et al discloses some of the pitfalls to be introduced during the argument as to which of the following is true:

There is no God

There is a God and he designs well

There is no God and he doesn’t design at all

The God we know is indifferent to the House of Nature.

The argument put forward by Darwin is that it is the adaptable that survive but it is true that a number of characteristics make the use of new and old structures like teeth or claws.  It is without a dumb-felt meant or feel that I say that it is too close to the rare event of the implosion of the Natural World to be able to say that it is real or not but it is true that certain structures win through and those may be the ones that we should adhere to in our search for the perfect machine at low cost to humanity (and others).

I will see to it that all things concerned with the element of claim that it is goo should be brought forth and understood for it is without doubt the fear of the people that starts them on the course of feeling threatened by science involving Nature.

I will be first to see that it requires a regulatory authority to be able to reassure the nations that all is well with science and it is about the well-to-do of society that we must worry for they do not appreciate the breakthrough for what it really is.  It is about time that they did for it is about to get big in terms of investment – miniaturisation that is as we all seek out the smallest possible resort to our problems with Life.  It will be the end of all things big and it will be the start of the revolution that will see the end of time without playing and the start of gameplay across the world as we start to use the internet as it were as a way of being in tune with our heart.  It will see to it that all shall be able to make do with the feeling of being one with the final destination of the planet, namely one-ness with each other and the ground upon which we walk.

It will be seen to be true that all the most variant of parts are single and not repeated as you would expect from “success” though it is not always apparent which of the evolution-based theories is correct when appropriating Nature’s cause for being, namely the survival of the species and taking it out of Nature’s hands.  This must upset the balance.

Herein is the disposable method of producing the most accurate specimens for test that is thought of, namely the micron by micron construction by electro-chemical means of a structure using the futuristic event of confocal microscopy and the fundamental development of a layered manufacture method called SEM too.  By making use of the fluorescing qualities of both cellulose and insect chitin it is possible or soon will be to test specimens that do rival growth for their pattern of survivable shape.  It makes use of a single-phase confocal microscope of the Neuroscience Department of the University of Bath, namely the usage was permitted.  It also calls on the use of finite element software to produce the pattern for the construction of the shape, namely a 3-D specimen, a hook in this case and often it will be put why a hook?  For the overhang which is difficult in programming language to surmount as a step in the reconstruction of a shape from computer vision exercises of my own.

My papers in the Biomimetic Reproduction of Hook-shaped attachment mechanisms 1 through 4 (as it shall be when complete) show the need for a New way of seeing and that is in 3-D not as we expect them to be mapped for us on a plane.  It will show that there is space for more than one form of intrusive device that can make life easier for the surgeon and the medical profession as a whole.  It is about time that there is a refutable agency that can comment upon the variance of degree of the current associated patterns of development of source material for the book on Biodesign and that means a lot has to come from the mechanical and electrical engineering fraternity.

It will be shown that there is a need for a New Source of material on the biodesign of products before it leaps into the fate of the minor league players who may or may not appreciate the need for care in the development of sensors and other forms of biomimetic devices.

It would be insurance against the obsession with biomedical devices that can gain more than they need in terms of material or data for analysis.  They can also depend on the real men who make the decisions on what gets produced and what not.  It will be then and always the turn of the New When and Were as it was so too it shall be again, as we extend our knowledge to the turn of the century and beyond with the held view that it will mean the end of science as we know it and the begin of the short-term might of the dispensable and notable robot.  The way is clear you see, but it must be gainford and sure of itself if it is going to make it into the history books and not the end of the world as we know it.

When it comes to AI and the use of neural networking it I hoped to achieve a conscious body that can be able to respond to questioning about the terrain upon which we stand, namely earth and the shaky ground theoretically speaking, of talking to a machine-like presence in the presence of the Lord, King that he is.  It should be made clear to anybody operating the machine as it were, to be able to monitor the able-being-ed is to be the first law of thermodynamics and not to disabled them. i.e. every action has an equal and opposite reaction and they can be destroyed.  This should be incorporated in their learning curve from early on so fear is developed, of dying and therefore an empathy is developed with our own kind.  It should be therefore of intrusive use to be able to make them bio-disposable and therefore able to meet the constraints of the New Way of being, that is, Green.  Therefore the need for materials that mimic biological compatible materials is conclusive, so to be able to make parts that are fittable and failure resistant to a degree then biodegradeable.


To open a new perspective on the look for new structures in Nature.

Through the use of confocal microscopy and the gainsay of New Science, namely Biomimetics, it came to pass that an experiment was conducted in the early 2000’s that gave rise to the new look at micron-sized devices and structures in Nature.  This experiment reflected the current need, the need to reproduce them in order to make tests on their mechanical properties.  It took eleven years of waiting for the news to come through that SEM could be used, Scanning Electro-deposition Electron Microscopy [].  Therein lies the solution to current need – a reproduceable need that does not conform to the pattern of the outset namely the need.  In other words it is the form of the solution that counts not the process of achieving that form, it would seem, for in other words hooks occur in all the mechanical properties of biomaterials in Nature, but they do not originate from the same form or pattern for they cannot since they exist in different animals and insects too, as formed by their genetic patterns or DNA.  They do not see that this is a form of nuisance since it is difficult to emulate and so it goes that we must form our structures another way.

The way (or method) of forming our hooked or structured attachment mechanism has weight.  It is important to understand that it is about the one who sees and not the one who feels since it is the mark of the covenant that he/she who makes it must be able to make it surely and totally without hurt to the people who it is supposed to service, namely the aged and the infirm, not the augmentation of the real that is, those who want to perform above their standard as this will lead to death.

There is something missing about the current control format as we see it.  It is clear that the hooks I have studied have all been formed from the base product which is chitin and cellulose in these cases, and not ivory nor dentine/enamel.  It is to be seen that all things must be able to make themselves or it is impossible for them to grow at all and they must be formed but it is a difficult scenario indeed to support the adverse effect of being in the foot and not the ass.  To be prime movers in their own right and not just controlled from “above” as it were, in the brain.  So it is that we proceed, with a localised control system unlike anything that we have seen or yet studied with mechanical eyes, not elementary physics nor chemistry yet.  It remains to be seen what can be concluded as we wander through the light and dark trying to understand what it is that we want to fit to our model of the life we want.

It is without doubt the best time of all to write now that I have the support of the three papers which I have just had published recently for they enable me to theorise upon the Nature of the being known as Man and things gain momentum as we start to consider the niche I have furrowed in the knowledge crown known as the thorn.  I will be brief.  It took a knock on the head to be able to state this for a fact.  It is the One who sees it who gains blessing of the New Lord who understands that it is about time that all and sundry understood that it is the ability to save or conserve ourselves that makes us able to populate this planet and make it easier for all.  It is good to do so but in the end it is about direction and that is a vector not a scalar.  It is not going to be easy to predict the great One who knows all but it is about time that it was understood that all the things that occur in the Universe do so with the premise that it is with the blessing of the Lord, not the other way around.  It is with this in mind that we proceed with the following.  It is without doubt the fate of all that we should survive, including the lambs and sheep in the fields.  It is also no doubt sure that all the long and tall of the human population should survive too and that shall be true no matter what they look like too.  So the problem is not to change the human characteristic but to augment it in some way that does not kill them in the event of over-use say and over-stressing of the system in which it interacts or adjacent systems.  I will see to it that there are innumerable ways of getting into trouble but only one way out.  And that is through the psychiatrist’s chair.  In other words, proceed in another direction and get into trouble then you are nuts and should see a shrink.  There is only one way and that is through scientific endeavour.  Through this we shall be able to negotiate the turn in the road as we seek the way out, from the inevitable melt-down that we foresee.

I will see if it is possible in a short length of words to make it to the end of the statement on the efficacy of making a New Time for the makers of the manufactured society.  I will try to make this plain to all you readers.

If we don’t start now with regulation to ensure the Green Theory is espoused by all manufacturers of this technology, now, it will spill out over the land and postulate a recumbrance of the anti-GM lobby and that will make for a weird and wild time for me.  I will be adamant that I told you and that it is about time that someone paid attention to this.  Your servant, Bruce E Saunders



  • Hirt, S. Ihle, Z. Pan, L. Dorwling-Carter, A. Reiser, J. M. Wheeler, R. Spolenak, J. Vörös, T. Zambelli Template-Free 3D Microprinting of Metals Using a Force-Controlled Nanopipette for Layer-by-Layer Electrodeposition, Advanced Materials (2016).  DOI:  10.1002/adma.201504967

Global Summit and Expo on Fluid Dynamics & Aerodynamics

Dear Dr. Bruce E. Saunders,

We came across your contribution entitled “A biomimetic study of natural attachment mechanisms: imaging cellulose and chitin part 2” and thought your expertise would be an excellent fit for the upcoming  “Global Summit and Expo on Fluid Dynamics & Aerodynamics” during August 15-16, 2016 at London, U.K.

The conference highlights the theme “Evolution in Fluid Dynamics & Aerodynamics”. The program is a rich mix of formats ranging from keynote sessions featuring many well-known and thought provoking speakers to intense and highly interactive discussion sessions.

Your contribution and knowledge in the field pulls our attention to keep the proposal of joining our conference and enlighten the audience with your knowledge and experience. We would be pleased and honored if you would consent your presence at our event.

We await a positive acknowledgement from you. I would be glad to answer your queries in this regard.

Letter to the University of Bath

This was sent to the University of Bath 21/4/2005, sent by e-mail today.  I am closing in now for the kill.


“Dear Ms Price

Thank you for informing (sic) of the current situation.
However I wish it to be noted for the record that I placed my complaint against the members of staff of the Department of Mechanical Engineering on 11/3/2015.   This was prior to the date at which the Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department made his own complaint against myslf which is due to be heard by the Vice-Chancellor on the 3/5/2015.
I wish to know why it is that my complaint shold be heard last and why it has taken so long for a response informaing me of the situation.
I was informed by Mark Ames in a (chance) conversation in the corridor that a meeting was planned for next week to discuss my “case” (week of 26/4/05 – 20/4/05).
I insist he meeting was invalid without me being able to attend in person, not last because I have good reason based on experience to believe that circumstances will be misrepresented if I am not able to attend.
Hence I insist on being allowed to attend the meeting.  I am not only a student at the Unversity of Bath and a member of the AUT and I expect to be treated in accordance with my position.
This letter was never answered nor are there minutes of your meeting about me included in my box of notes.
I insist this be rectified.

Paper 3 has been accepted!!

Yes folks – Paper 3 is being published – that’s what you would call a home grown PhD!!


Mad9 – Funding and Presentation Confirmed

Yes folks


Bioman will be at the Oxford University July 10-12 to present the findings of his PhD, take lots of photographs, explore the scenario of trauma that he experienced with onlookers and finally to sleep like an angel in a bed made for a woman in Mansfield College, Oxford.


Funding has been secured care of my local asylum brigade.

From Nepal – a Sunshine Blogger Award!

I immediately need to start with a blessing for Isolated_girl of Nepal ,a lovely girl who is an excellent poet and new to the blogosphere, for her generous nomination.

I am not sure that I am quite “Sunshine” material but here goes.  It takes a bit of effort to construct this post so I may do it in two parts, the second being the links to  My nominees and my uestions for them.

Here are I_G’s questions and my answers:

  1.  What do you write and Why do you write?

I write about science to complete my PhD and I write poetry cos I discovered a streak of exptroversion in me at a mature age.  I am dabbling with the idea of writing a Science Fiction novel.

2. Who are you n where do you belong to?

I am Bruce and I have no Nationalistic fervour.  I have been a wanderer for some time now and I am not happy at home which is currently Bath, UK.  I grew up in the USA, South Africa and Great Britain

3. What do you love besides writing?

I love cannabis and I find it regularly gets me through times with no money.  It eases my mind and keeps me energised.

4. What is your ultimate aim in life?

My ultimate aim if to get my own business thriving and to have a child or two if I can find a brood mare for the job!

5. Are you single, in a relationship or married?

Obviously single, you can tell, right?

6. What is the best thing about you?

My build which is like a cowboy in the Westerns – broad shoulders and narrow hips of a gun-fighter!

7. Which is your favourite book and why?

Must be Love in the time of Cholera – it’s so funny and hot and steamy.  Marquez.

8. Who is your Idol

My Father.  Who left school at the age of 13 and elevated himself to the level of Senior Lab Technician, author of papers.  Great Father, always had time for me.  And Madiba.

9. Give some tips on becoming a good writer?

Jesus – you flatter me – where and when did I make that grade?

10. What would you do if you were the last person in the world?

If I was the last person in the world I would open the door and look outside and see who was left on the other side of the door.

11. How many friends and fans do you have?  Describe your best friend.

My best friend is a photographer in Cape Town named Rodger Bosch.  He’s really coool and has moved up in the world to have becpome a recognised artsts in South Africa.  Nice fellow.


Coming Next – Sunshine Blogger Part II – the New Questions and the targets!!