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Letter to the University of Bath

This was sent to the University of Bath 21/4/2005, sent by e-mail today.  I am closing in now for the kill.


“Dear Ms Price

Thank you for informing (sic) of the current situation.
However I wish it to be noted for the record that I placed my complaint against the members of staff of the Department of Mechanical Engineering on 11/3/2015.   This was prior to the date at which the Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department made his own complaint against myslf which is due to be heard by the Vice-Chancellor on the 3/5/2015.
I wish to know why it is that my complaint shold be heard last and why it has taken so long for a response informaing me of the situation.
I was informed by Mark Ames in a (chance) conversation in the corridor that a meeting was planned for next week to discuss my “case” (week of 26/4/05 – 20/4/05).
I insist he meeting was invalid without me being able to attend in person, not last because I have good reason based on experience to believe that circumstances will be misrepresented if I am not able to attend.
Hence I insist on being allowed to attend the meeting.  I am not only a student at the Unversity of Bath and a member of the AUT and I expect to be treated in accordance with my position.
This letter was never answered nor are there minutes of your meeting about me included in my box of notes.
I insist this be rectified.


  1. all d best dear

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    take tym n participate. my last post.

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