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A Word to the Wise

A word to the wise.  Bath is  a strange town where the rich and famous and the wealthy rub shoulders with their suppliers, seeming not to notice the effect on society, yet it is a violent, not very satable town that lacks an iron nor a fist.  It only has a second hand attitude to Moslems and in particular to Barack Obama and Tony Blair as well and Nelson Mandela and me.


I will tell you that the first time I saw a bus with his image in the UK, was  in Bath and it is NOT ALLOWED to the best of my knowledge without the investment in the Nelson Mandela Foundation which I don’t believe they have done.

I will tell you that Bob Geldoff, Midge Ure and Prof Hunt are the ringleaders of this debacle of assaulting and harassing me incessantly with the assistance of:

Kristsina Ericksson

Wen Li

Hazel Turner

The women of Bath

David Blunkett

Carmen  Jones nee Plant

J K Rowling

Claire Goodfellow

Carla Whale

June Mercer Chalmers

Dr Sally Clift

Prof Patrick Keogh

Pro Tony Mileham

Prof Tony Miles

Dr Linda Newnes

et al of the Bath University as well as the full knowledge of

Don Foster MP as well as the town council and the Bath CLP

Oliver Middleton

Serpil of Chem Eng (suspected Brit undercover policeman)




  1. Chris White says:

    Blimey, that is quite a list. Have you got the conferences sorted out yet ?
    I never received a reply or acknowledgement from Bath University. I wonder if I even made it through the inglorious clutches of their spam filters. All the best. Kris.

  2. The Bioman says:

    Oh I see – they are not playing. I will be then and there the one who exposes their ploy to hide what has gone on from the eyes of the public. So I will. Expect a story to come which shall round up and explain the context. K, you know it is about time that we all saw what was real and what was not – let there be light! B

  3. wow!

    does that mean u r doin a type of conference with them!


    al the best Bruce : )

    how hav u been?


    • The Bioman says:

      Well – I have given up smoking with all its ramifications….so I am feeling good and not so good. Lovely to hear from you, I_G, how are You? Lovely poem as per usual, (Immortality). Be good!

      • smiling! : )

        Thanks dear one!
        gr8 news!
        they say smoking shortens ur lyf by 10-15 yrs :d cheers!

        yah! been occupied with etc etc etc.. : )
        keep smiling!
        have a gr8 tym

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