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Madness 9 Draft Paper

Case study:  The use of the Bath Royal United Hospital as a Deliberate Containment Exercise against my Protest by the Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department of Bath University, Mr A R Mileham  October 2006 through present day and its implications for the Common Good.

JULY 10-12 2016



1.       Aim

To ascertain whether it is just to incarcerate a person for being a nuisance when they are within their rights to be prosecuted should the need arise.


  1. Background


In July 2002 I was severely assaulted by six young men in the streets of Bath in an unprovoked assault.  I was two weeks into my PhD.  This led to PTSD which has been misdiagnosed by the psychiatrist at the Royal United Hospital as paranoid schizophrenia based upon false allegations made against me, since withdrawn.

For a mechanical engineer, design and manufacture at a micron-size level is like the next frontier.  In a world where the mechanical engineer has become type-cast into a number of positions, here is a place where research is still necessary to understand the behaviour of structure and material properties, at micron sizes where scaling effects are measurable.  It may seem strange to you but, in spite of the many things that people assume, this is one sphere that we have not mastered.

Here I present a way of studying the design of micron-sized structures that make up Life and therefore deal with the source of all things, the delivery of most of the nutritional elements known to mankind as the fruits of our planetary system, for growth.  In Nature it is about time that all can see that it is without a doubt the best way forward in Green Theory thinking and this is about that, Green Theory.

Filling and Inside Straight

Refer Paper 1.

A straight flush

Refer Paper 2

A Royal Flush

Refer www.bruces23.xom Paper 3




I slice my arm wrist to elbow

Over and over again

The pain, it does not worsen

Psych says I am insane


I’m looking for a sign

That I am not alone

A nearest living relative

To free me of this twilight home


I hear the voices in my head

They say I am not to blame

They also say they are my friends

I’ve no reason to feel shame


Trauma induced psychosis

Has got me by the neck

The trapdoor below has fallen

My feet swing above the deck


As they lower me in my casket

Final words are said

Finally I can get some rest

Yes, family, I am dead.


Blaming Psychiatry

I am South African, though British born.  I am an alumni of the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg which was Madiba’s university too, and I am proud of it, although I did not graduate from that university, I graduated from Bath University in June 2002 with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. I was 38 years old.

I commenced my PhD with Professor Julian Vincent as supervisor.  He is important in this story.  He can verify a number of things.  Firstly that he took me out collecting hooked specimens, secondly that he requested “silent Velcro” as a project end goal and thirdly that I broke all records collecting my data for my project.

But I separated from him when he sided with another staff member in the fight for survival in the department.

It was a blue-sky funded project, originally meant for a biologist with a previous knowledge of evolutionary theory which I had to pick up as I went along and one thing I learned, it isn’t the quick who survive or the hardy.  It is the noun-pronouncing men who swear to the Bejasus who make it.

The second supervisor was Adrian Bowyer, who is aware that I ran into some problems throughout the progress of my writing up.  We had the misfortune of a conflict of opinion which spread throughout the Department.

There is a reason why I say this.  It is about time I confess to being DPAC (Disabled People Against  should anyone try to seize me while I tend to the matter of devoting an entire hour to my research as it notes that they are the first to hear of it in public.  I went to the start of the race and there I saw the bunny and the rarebit named Charlotte and she gave the game away didn’t she – or did she?  No for it was I…(story about letter to the Times and C Ohsan and simultaneous efforts.

I’ve been in the local gaol twice without charge.  I sleep in the living room on the couch with the light on.  And the door firmly chained.  I was assaulted in what I now believe to have been an attempted murder at the commencement of my PhD by six men.

I draw your attention to document one and the fallacy of it. Note the comments I have mad in the margins and elsewhere and understand that I had not told the psychiatrist of anything except the trauma which I had endured which is quite clearly illustrated in the notes of my speaking.  It shows that there is an ignorance of the effects of trauma, such as trauma induced psychosis and the lack of a fair time to be assessed before they conducted the CTO review and put me in the ward for a third time.  This was after I had been in the hospital for three, yes three, months without a diagnosis but with some heavy sedative medication known as Olanzipine, a drug I subsequently learned was known as a “dirty drug” to psychiatrists in the know, yet I was given it in heavy doses again and again until, I believe, I almost had kidney failure.

Now I draw your attention once again to the real influence of the insinuation that I was in control and of murderous intent. It led to incarceration a number of times, six in all, yet they (the doctors of the RUH) continue to support the allegation that I was of murderous intent even though I have proved to be non-violent.  In fact I have saved a number of people from violence by eliminating the nurse in charge from the secure ward when he abused another person who happened to be a woman who was helpless under the influence of her drugs. Her therapy was killing her.  I will say again, it was because of me that she survived and I believe it. She was being lead poisoned by her injections and that left her unable to talk properly although I was able to distinguish this because she scrambled a short-breathed message to me at the table one day, after lunch sitting outside under a tree.

It is about the time of this that I was able to escape by climbing up a lone cherry tree in the garden and onto the roof and down the other side. This led to an adventure over and over again as I avoided the police again and again to tell the rest of the world via e-mail where I was an why.  It is not a fall person you are seeing here but a man who is able to work and make money being in the heart of the beast. I will show you what I mean presently.  I escaped approximately ten times and that was from the securest ward they had at the RUH, starting with the usual and ending with the flourish of walking out one day through the open door having won my tribunal. Now this had taken three months of my life when I was fully aware of what was going on and I had not started to duffer the side effects pf the Olanzipine which I know now do exist, namely talking to yourself and being in the hold f a new light phantasy known as psychosis when I do not get enough sleep, like today when I will show you what I mean as I stay up tonight and let you sleep and see what it is like in the morning.  I mean to sue over this even if I have to pass the Law degree myself in order to do so in the small claims court, and I am quite serious, I have investigated this in the new work that I have been doing and this is the best approach I can glean from the evidence that I have of the failings of the criminal justice system when in need of it and no-one is available who will handle what is an unusual but not a difficult case.

In all I have been detained six times in England and that means that I have been equally abused six times at the hands of different doctors around the country as I have been transferred wherever there is a bed available. That means that I shall be then and now the one who will end it for them all – I shall see to it that they all get a lot of time inside if they do not get fired at the very least.

In the end it shall be me who wins but it is not going to be easy unless I can assure you all that I am not violent by firing this round over your heads and not through your hearts.  I will now be then and now the one who sees to it that you do not get the long and the short of it but all the detail you require.  Therefore I will make a note of when I was detained in each case and what was said about me in the notes in each context.

I will be the end of the roadway if it is to be that way, for each of the doctors involved who insist that I have schizophrenia even though they know by now that it is detectable in the blood and I do not have it. They refuse to test me such that it is hard to dissuade them that I do not need them, just some sleep.  The PTSD deprives me of it and so I get hallucinogenic when I have too little sleep with the light on all night through. I will then be the one who wins for it is about time that they all get a long time in the gaol for being in the end, the longest and stupidest line of therapists that I have ever come across.  Now that I have seen it with my own eyes I know more about the Mental Health System than most of the so-called therapists and that is no lie. I shall make it clear that I have no meanness in my body but it is a matter of course that shall be then and now the only person to prosecute these merchants of drug therapies as they deserve to be.

The dates of my retributional detainments are as follows:

  1. Dates to be inserted






I call these retributional as they all are in response to my e-mailing the University and its union members about three or four times a day for periods at a time because I was/am a trade unionist too and therefore I am about to be gainfully employed as one again when I start to be used as a lecturing peer-reviewed appointed man and that is why I will not be a new but an old one here – a new man and not an old one when I finally graduate.  Therefore I will be then and now the only one who makes it through to the deciding place where I shall be then and there the one who gives the best of his world to the ANC. I will be soon the one who goes back to see if it is possible to make the start of a new union in South Africa which shall be free and fair and not arbitrarily ordered into obsessive witch-hunts to find the whole reason for being in the stew they are in, but to provide a better leadership than they have now and it shall be mine and no one else’s position to be in. I will see to it that they all get the benefit of my experience as well as that of the new President when he is elected, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa, who is currently seeking his own degree from Wits for the degree is a Doctorate of Law which he has been studying for some time now and they all say he s a great guy when he is in the courthouse making laws without seeing them implemented because that is not what he wants to do – he wants to be then and there the one who is the only living being who does it so.  He does not ant to see it so, he wants to be it.  There being a one and a two to the throne of South Africa, I will be standing for the right to stand beside him and placing it before the land’s people that they all must be able to see me for what I am – a South African with a funny walk and an injured brain which shall restore itself once I am on oral medication again and not this injected crap called Aripiprazole or any of the others they want to give me.  I will go call to the sleeping drafts once used of old and then they shall see me as I really am – a man of all the world’s Churches and not a rescued child as they want to believe form the movie called “Dogtown” by Guy Richie himself, the arrogant bastard that he is.  All the signs are there for a fierce victory and so it is that they shall all be in place when the time comes to return to South Africa.


I pull a lynch-pin and

The floodgates open

Good in a pinch, Lynn

The waters resolve my pain


They flow about me

In a ravening gush

They know to be soft

On a hard drinking lush.


Aych two oh and and that is all

It makes me thirsty for more

Whiskey and so-da to

Strengthen me to the core.


I think I have wet brain

Poor me down the sink

I’ll swirl down the drain

And ne’er no more to drink.


Drinking from the fawcet

I started hearing voices about six weeks after my assault in July 2002. It was a gradual thing, starting out as something I didn’t recognise. It is only looking back I can see.  I have been confined to hospital under Section 3 orders 6 times in the UK, once in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  At my first Tribunal my then psychiatrist said in my notes that I lacked “insight” and compared me to “the Georgia Tech Shooter” which I take to mean in terms of danger to society.  She labelled me “paranoid schizophrenic”, a label I have not escaped in eight years.  From a distance of 800 metres, taking into account nothing that had happened to me up until that time, leading to my upset with the Institution that was Bath University.

My third supervisor was Professor Tony Mileham.  A schmuck who I refused but I was given no alternative.  His first statement to me as a supervisor whom I had visited over my trouble in the City of Bath and on campus, was “I think you should leave.”  At that stage I had had no opportunity to show him my work.  This was in 2005 after I had been at the University 7 years.  In fact it was Mileham who sponsored my first outside consultation to a psychiatrist for a second opinion at the Priory in Bristol, so he was well aware that I had wilfully sought assistance with some troubles I was having, vivid dreams and trouble sleeping.  Both the campus psychiatrist and the Priory found me to be just “depressed”.  Or normal.

In 2006, after my first stay in hospital during which I phoned home to South Africa and my father who was dying at the time, from the coin operated phone in the hallway of the Cherries Ward at Hillview Lodge, Bath RUH.  During that stay I escaped over the roof of the building from the garden some ten or so times.  Each time I went to the Internet Café to send an e-mail.  To the University and circulated to everyone who I thought could care less.  Including the editor of the Big Issue, Cardiff. And then the House of Lords.

Shortly before going back to South Africa I handed in three papers to Julian Vincent.  I heard not a word in the next ten years.  Not a word.  Two years back I set up a blog and put my experimental results up there.  There followed a slurry of hits before I settled down to a steady 40/50 per week until now as my results get published and it becomes known, I suppose, for now I have three papers published, all of them about six pages in length and that makes up a PhD without a thesis in my book but the University of Bath will not hear it – they say it is old work even though it is recently published.

I identified with the cause of the ANC from way back and I include Madiba here and his death caused an upset in me that no one can repair.  I feel that I have been treated with terrorist legislation, not the legislation of the police and therefore I will see to it that they all seek to find a better way of life than be policemen in the future.

(This is NOT what it seems)


It is in the interest of all

That it could be then

and there or all the one

Who gets all the one

and the wet and the dry and so it goes

But it all ends up a little way beyond the pale

As it all ends all and that makes it

                                          all about the end of the time

And not the end of the time and a half

Which gets a lot easier when

all the wen and the way are about to end.

I will be there and I will be it

but I shall not get a lot of all they get or give

And then they shall begin to know that I am the sense

And the sample of the sort that makes you lot

Seem a lot simpler than they all do

At school where it is common to be able to talk for about

An hour without having a break, not so Mum?

It is about the time and the place and so it goes and not

The place and the soul as it pertains to be

and so it does get a bit

Into the end of the time and the place

Of the fual man known as the wend of the where and the why

Because it is so and so and not so again.


1.1   [This is about the witches of East Salem and the spell to remove the witch from them by making them repeat it several times over to be able to make all the ones with witches in them to be able to make it all up and get out of it again i.e. be released from their witch’s coven.  It is about the one who gets and the one who goes and it is so.  I will be there but I shall not get in I shall get out.  I will be and then I shall.  I will be there and there I shall be.  I will be there and there shall be and be it shall.  I will be there and there I shall be.  Bye!]








I need a new drug

                         One that comes to the point

                         And sharpens the mind

If it stops on the roundabout

                         Or it stops on the vein

                         Or the artery of Life

It slows down the tempo of thought

        To the degree of nonsense which

              I cannot bear for it shows that I

Have died in my head for you







I took you

through the eave

of destruction

And showed you

the rooftop view, would

you say it was okay

to be fungoid

when the profits

from your landfill

make waste

Of the market forces

being pushed

And pulverised

in the form

and fashion

known as man

And its machine

called the rote or rotesque.


have I always been

And I thus

am always about

and not

The other.





Evolution II


Keratin, cellulose, chitin, collagen and bone

Are all we have to build everything

But it should do

Said the He man in charge

Five types of eyes, wings in pairs

Except for insects

Friction and glue

Before horses were invented.

The Cambrian Age saw the explosion

Which is still falling out

Of the stars as we evolve

Under radiation.

The light with which we see

Opened their eyes

In the murky depths

Of the primordial soup.

Now we are almost on Mars

On a vector to the South Seas

Of existence

Look Ma! No wheels!



To be supplied and forthcoming on the day.

These are all evidential to the case against me and against the Royal United Hospital and others.  They include evidence that I was once detained because I had lost some weight.  Detained.  And that I once was contradictorally nailed as being an ANC insurgent when I wasn’t and then left because I was and that is a hard thing to forget.




  1. Chris White says:

    Wow! This is some post. Scientist (but not a mad one) Poet and Academic.

  2. lovely poem dear : )


    well! other stuffs were complicated : (

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