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The Last Post?

Hi Folks!


I am currently awaiting news of a fourth paper.  Until then I have been watching my interest figures and their waning with the publication of my three papers so far.

I got kicked of the agenda of the Madness 9 Conference at Oxford but still have the Fluid Dynamic and Aerodynamics Conference lined up for August.






  1. Chris White says:

    Put the bugle down. Step away from the bugle. Sorry to hear about the Oxfod caper. Their loss. The other conference sounds much more like your bag anyway. Regarding those papers. I suppose the interest figures will wane … but then again you’ve done bloody well. I was last officially published bookwise in 1985. And that book is currently almost # 7 million in the Amazon Bestselling rankings. Yes 7 bloody sodding lesbianic fucking million. That is almost Graham’s Number for heaven’s sake.
    Oh …. don’t forget to check out I, Writer # 7. It features more high numbers and full frontal nudity. All the best, Bruce.

    • The Bioman says:

      Wow – I shall Chris! I shall indeed check it out! All the best and thanks a mill!

    • The Bioman says:

      I’ve used this blog, Chris to keep me focussed and keep me going to publishing and it has seen me on some weird head trips – flights to South Africa in the middle of the night, detentions with my PhD in my pocket on a memory stick….real 007 stuff. What an adventure.

  2. I nominated u for an award in my previous post : (

    no response 😦


  3. don’t ask!

    : (

    I ve exms very soon



  4. on award post?

    hmm..I alwz get navigated there. whenever I search for u!

    I really don’t find wp link!
    : (

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