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A trifle insane

That it should come to pass, that this should happen in the modern day….that I should have to make do with a modern response when I really want to keel-haul half the University of Bath.

I left, they said.

But, the psychiatrists notes say, I was suffering under a psychosis at the time and therefore it has come to pass that I have been punished for being insane and deprived of my PhD by the University that is supposed to provide support to me during my time as a student researcher.

I had my car burnt out.  This is not a psychosis but it supports my reasoning that I was subjected to a form of public harassment such as only Bath can provide with its smallness and tiny streets where you cannot escape the notice of the public, if you live here.

It is the reason I decided to conduct my research online and to put it all on a blog – not over-joyed success, not but struggle for contentment as I carried all this with me on memory stick and other means, through a decade of disastrous depression and repression.

I have been sectioned six times for harassing the University by e-mail. This has led to seclusion and yes, to thought patterns that have regressed to the point of aggression as I have struggled to accept the state of the unique times we live in where the pharmaceutical is the answer to all things.

And all during this time I have merely sought access to a publisher for my work.

That is all. Not too much to ask, is it Breakwell? (The VC of Bath Uni)

I will stand with anyone who rejects the worth of the Union at the University and particularly Steve Wharton.


  1. Chris White says:

    I don’t know what to say. I want to tell you to let it go. This is and has caused you so much pain. Sod the university. They are not worth your tears, anger and distress. You have good contacts. Your work/research is being recognised by those that matter. It speaks for itself.
    The university people. Well … they ain’t that clever. Leave them behind.
    Just don’t contact them again.

  2. The Bioman says:

    You could be right K. One more paper to come then I’m going to tidy up the blog and get outta here.

  3. well this was really bad n sad.

    I know. it must be feeling so bad ryt now.

    How can they b so rude : (

    take care
    don’t wory! everything wil b fyn Bruce.

    smile : )

  4. The Bioman says:

    Just for you, my most Beautiful Flower in the World! 🙂

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