Biomimetics, Micro-design, Arctium minus et al Hook and Velcro – A PhD and a Virtual Textbook on Biological Attachment Mechanisms and their Mimicking




Of course, none of you know the circumstances behind this Blog, but have signified enough interest to follow it so perhaps you may be interested in the circumstances behind it.  Have you heard of people who struggled to make it, to get their theories published?  Well, my circumstances are similar though the struggle has been for different reasons perhaps.

I started this PhD in 2002 and was assaulted violently in the streets of Bath within two weeks.

There begin the mind-fuck and the ecstasy, the ecstasy being my PhD and the agony dealing with harassment in the streets of the City and at home in the City too.

My struggle with my supervisor too was paramount.  Supervisors.

  1. Julian Vincent – the vainest stupid Professor I have ever heard tell of and my father was academic so I have heard plenty of stories.
  2. Adrian Bowyer – another vain failure who was unable to complete the part of the project for Paper 3 and he knew it and advised me accordingly without really trying to understand my plight, that I had limited funds available to do the project.  He even suggested that I ask my father for money!  When he knew he couldn’t do the part of the project required to complete it – the C++ code which had a secret he didn’t know or apparently consider or he would have done it wouldn’t he?
  3. Anthony Mileham who isn’t at man at all and unable to face me even now though he goes to the graduations I suppose in the City.

All these names can be investigated and asked after the circumstances PRIOR to my leaving and the truth now, not the obvious statements of lies in the light of the fact that I got published without a supervisor or even needing one.  Three, yes 3 times so far – this from a man they said was too insecure to take or not take as a PhD student even though I had been attacked in the City giving rise to PTSD for which I visited a psychiatrist to try and alleviate symptoms I did not understand.  Or even knew of, until they manifested themselves on me through the lack of treatment and then, the mis-treatment thereof.

I will be short for this is going to be long otherwise and too long for the format I have chosen.

Time away led to the end of it

Time away from the work led to my being unable to work well at the University – you see I was at home in South Africa visiting my father who was ill (and dying) and my wish was for him to see my graduate before he passed.  But this was to come in 2007.  Without me, for I was locked up in hospital for e-mailing the University incessantly insisting on a correction to my work so it could be published, for I submitted three papers to my supervisor Julian Vincent in April 2006, well before the deadline and yet he and they refused to communicate with me outright.  They pulled a schoolboy move on me and forbade my contacting and members pf staff or students.  So I continued to e-mail, this time lasting six or seven years before I learned it was possible to Blog it all and I did.

I put ALL my research work on the web and you can see it here whenever you want – Sorry it is in a disarray sometimes but it has taken a long time to get all the images in place etc and that does not mean you can’t see what it is – a long hard pull to the shore.  I will be frank, I did not expect it to be so good, to be published and have a Blog too as it proves what I say, that persistence isn’t about being in, it’s about being “out there” and ready for anything.

I REALLY thought I was in danger of losing it – I had been in hospital so many times because of the University that I began to doubt my own worth and even give up….but it didn’t happen, but instead I published through the inadvertent contribution of Nikolay who didn’t know that the Call for Papers on his Linked-In group would attract my eye.  But it did and now I am the sole English voice on the Journal of Robotics and Biomimetics author list.  By far.  All the rest are either Chinese or other members of the Tiger economies.

This is it

I have been unemployed for about ten years now and I am sure that is to do with the reference the University is sending out for me.  The University of Bath, a notoriously Conservative haven for the Masonic Order (and others).

Now I have been published and it is about time that the University confers to me my PhD as I have done it all, all of it, a solitary endeavor which is rewarded with a point that they cannot make cos I am sole owner of the Copyright.  Me.  Bruce E to you. 🙂

So we have it so – about three, no, 2 and 1/2 years ago I wrote down all I could and put it on the web – to see – and the web went ape for I had not been told of the WordPress thrill of highlighting salient blogs and I had hits coming out of my ears but no comments cos I was in the wrong format of theme at the time – I was using a poetry theme not an academic one as this is.

Okay? So I go to the end of the words and that is it – I need to hear you now. Any questions or comments PLEASE?  So I know you are there?






  1. Chris White says:

    Hi Bruce. We are both on a journey for recognition of our capabilities.
    It is so hard and tiring at times. Keep on keeping on.

  2. The Bioman says:

    Hi Chris – how’s the sunshine? – here in Gor Blimey country, it’s raining and typical October weather. Yup – what else can we do – I’m sure that you will win! Keep on truckin’, Muchacho!

  3. #3 says:

    I read. I like how u cut to the point

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