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History of this Blog Part 2


By way of introducing the subject of Mental Health believe me when I say that I have self-analysed to a great extent upon the matter and that does not get any stronger than being able to say that, at the moment, I am healthy, fit and able to write.  But I may not DO the usual during the course of my day, for instance.  I may choose coffee instead of tea, for instance, even though I am known locally to be the South African who always drinks Red Bush tea in the Adventure Cafe.

I have felt and touched the lives of many sufferers of ill-health or they have touched mine and this is what I know:  it doesn’t even come to the bend in the river before it gets strong, the current that is, so get out before you find yourself disappearing around the corner from sight or view of the Officials in charge of your case.  Always check your notes and do not trust the doctor to prescribe nor even diagnose effectively until you know you are well enough to self-analyse to a certain extent and come to some resolve with regards to taking a form of medication.

I will be firm about this – I do believe that the medication given out by the NHS is behind the time and you will not find satisfaction if you make do.  Your weight will increase as a side effect and then you will grow Moobs.  It is not a pleasant sight to see nor to feel either.

Now I will tell you about my mishap with the University of Bath authorities.

There are a lot of mishandled places here to be investigated, but one of these is the result of my investigation into the whereabouts of my records.

It is my duty to tell you that I am not being a lot of hot air here – my medical files are scattered across the country, not centralised.  This, in Britain, is tantamount to being incarcerated without trial since each new episode is a new One and not an old so it is therefore the real thing and available to investigation each time it happens.  In other words, a solicitor should be present each time the assessment under Mental health grounds is made.

Second of all, and this is pertinent to me, in my particular case I have been told that my record of Health at the University is incomplete numerous times and yet they have on record that the use of psychiatry to analyse my problems as a result of my assault have been found to be wrong.  This I have found this morning (22/8) and that is the one thing that they do not admire in me – my investigative ability. Under FOI I Have requested the records from the University Medical Centre at Bath and they have refused, also noting that it took a visit from a locum to get it out of them that they had on record files that pertained to me that contained the information they would have used had it been presented to them.

But had it?

For in the end it is me who suffered every time and I do not enjoy being incarcerated every time they (the University) object to the tone of my e-mails.  They should have referred to the New :Learning Curve they were assuming for Mental Health and conducted a Review based upon my experience of the University then, but it did not.  I now know when to say it.

I will sue the University of Bath if anyone takes offence to my messages of Peace and tried to instill the wrath of Khan i me for making the right move, by conducting these recitals in the Open.  Transparent.


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