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Paul Swaby/Bath Police

Paul Swaby

I will not be then and there – I will be the one who shows it to be the cause of my vibrations – namely a police officer in Bath named Paul Swaby.

I will show that it is he who has been persecuting me in the name of his son, namely Jason Gardiner the Bath runner, also known as the Silver Bullet, also with political ambitions it seems.

It also involves Bath City football squad/team and the reknowned Labour film-maker Ken Loach.

Craig Woolley is also involved, the scion son of the Lord Baird, late of the shipping insurers Lloyds.

Further Christian Figenschou of Standard Bank South Africa is a member of Quest, a secret organisation who claim to be left but actually are funded by right-wing supported Bono of U2 fame.

It is responsible, I believe, for the frame up of Winnie Mandela’s grandson.

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