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Paul Swaby II

It has been plain there has been a leak or shall I say, the use of a police facility, used by civilians at the permission of the CID of Bath.

This is through Paul Swaby.

Who is related to Jason Gardiner.  Swaby obviously placed police observation notes at the hands of the students and staff of the University of Bath.  Observations of me and my movements about the town.

This put me endlessly at risk, as both a TU activist and an ANC member.

It is clear it began well before the end of my undergraduate degree and that Chris Young was involved as was Hazel Turner.  Both of the SSLC of Tony Miles and Jos Darling et al.

Also Richard Law and one Alex Parfitt who drew up the experiment with Dylan Evans no doubt.

I suggest you talk to “H” of the Mech Eng Dept.

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  1. I could not understand any!

    I feel like an illiterate 😦


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