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Letter One to Solicitor

This is of interest to me to maintain the story, which is ongoing.  Here in this letter I describe some of the things that have been obstructing my quest for Justice.

It is written to a solicitor here in Bath, specializing in Mental Health.  Her response will be very interesting.



Dear Ms C.

Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.  I have prepared a summary for you that is below.  I hope that it is possible for you to help me in pursuit of my Rights as an individual and to make it impossible for my determination to be awarded my Ph.D. un-thwarted by the Health Authorities while I see recompense from the University of Bath for the unjust manner in which they have treated me.

I see it as a pyramidal complaint, with the first issue (1) being the issue of my being awarded my Ph.D. for research I conducted in 2002-5 and again in 2015.

     This is about to be heard by the University Disability Officer and my Advocate Mr Nick Blencowe.  I request that you assist in this matter so that I can be well represented.  We can discuss this further if you do not mind – the turn of events has been most unusual and that means it has been a well-worthwhile wait to be published in a peer reviewed journal as I have been, with the first paper to be published on the subject of “Microdesign” and I want to continue my work which has been thwarted by the un-award of my degree and the lack of opportunity to pursue it due to an unfair (in my view) referee at the University of Bath, for a decade.

     I have been treated unfairly, as if I have been unjustly complaining when I haven’t and that has been the result of being too enjoying my treatment at the hands of the Mental Health Authority.  In other words I have too much time on my hands because I am unemployed due to the University in part and due to being disabled on the other and that has led me to e-mail the University incessantly hoping for a break.

     It arrived when I mailed my hospital notes to the Department using a mass e-mailing address and that meant a democratic process seems to have been put in place since the professor in the case of slandering me, gave forth a rebuttal, saying he had not said what had appeared in my notes leading to such harsh treatment at the hands of the authorities, including two months in a secure unit, on the Cherries Ward at the RUH.  This was the very first and only response  received from the University and I have received no more, not even a fair explanation of how his, the Professor’s, name happened to be in my notes in the first place when it is known to be an unfair practise.

     This I have not acted upon yet but I wish to complain to the RUH about it and I require advice.  This is (2).

     (3) Then I would like to speak with you of the effect of the slander in my notes and the possibility of being stigmatized and therefore being unfairly detained over and over again, six times in fact, all due to an insane diagnosis at the time, and prognosis since schizophrenia is for life.

     It was due in fact to the trauma of being assaulted in 2002, just before the troubles began.

     I would like to hear from your office in the instant of reading this but I understand the pressures of your business so I know it is not possible.  But I need to speak with someone soon.  Please can you direct this to the appropriate solicitor that I might consult with them?



  1. Chris White says:

    Seems pretty fair to me. Well laid out.

    • I get a load of shit Chris, for my involvement with a Mental Health Unit and this leads to a number of problems like the use of my work by others and then no credit etc. So I will say this here. It is about time i was amended to the number one position for the best blog cos I made a promise and a challenge to myself and now I am taking you through the journey to the end where, I hope, I shall be greeted with dust and glory of being a Doctor, whether they like it or not. Then I go and will not come back. But until then I want my pound and that’s final so I have to use these means of considering my approach – to use the media of this nature in support of my case is unusual and therefore I wonder what the verdict is – am I crazy and do I deserve to be allowed to use e-mail, or the reverse, am I sane and therefore not allowed to use e-mail. Do you see what I mean – the conflict? It is wrong and I shall say so in my next e-mail to the University an to my “Care Team”.

      Bye C! and Take Care

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