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Stats hit 3000!

24/9/2016 – The accesses for my three peer reviewed papers has passed 3000 in total, with my third paper on Microdesign bringing up the rear with over 750 accesses in five months.


See the Journal of Robotics and Biomimetics – Springer-Open

I am pleased.

Further – I have put a letter to a solicitor which is very important.  This is where my blog fits in – it is a record of events that is not usually used in an academic defence, but here it is!


  1. Chris White says:

    That is quite a feat for academic papers. Do you get to know who accesses them and where they are … the demographics ?
    My warm congratulations to you Bruce. Hope that letter does the trick. I can’t stand the idea of someone such as yourself not receiving the merit and recognition of your work from a so called academic institution.
    All the best. Chris.

    • Thank you Chris – no, the publishers do not release the figures for the uh demographics of accesses….I think the new academic year has stimulated interest. I’m thinking of logging my letter online too, to illustrate my point and my struggle in the valley between the canons of the Mental Health System to the left and right, and the guns of the University directly ahead, waiting to be spiked. I have no choice, and like Flashman, I must mount and charge, discharging flatulence as i go!

  2. Chris White says:

    Farts to the left of them. Farts to the right. Onwards onwards dear fellow.

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