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Reply 1 to letter 2


This is evidence of the lack of legal support available to the average student and disabled man in the UK.  I have been asked to do this and so I am.  Bye!


Dear Mr Saunders,

Thank you for your email this morning.

Having discussed your case with my supervisor I am afraid that, due to the nature of your enquiry and the pressure of work our department faces, we are unable to assist you.

I wish you all the best in your case.

Kind regards,




  1. Chris White says:

    Back to the drawing board then ?

    • Yeah. Bugger that! I have to wait for another reply then I have another to send out probably tomorrow when I get the correct e-mail address, then I will take another route – a political one. Remember DPAC – well I am on the mailing list and i have contributed some poetry just today, so….I will try something else too, to sew up my boots, so to speak.

  2. microman?


    Bruce! how r u? :p

    misses from himalayas :p

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