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Reverse Engineering Mathematics

It seems in Biomimetics we are confined to be describing everything in the form of mathematics, be it statistical analysis or finite element analysis.  Always we have the intent of the preservation of data and the eventual use thereof in the transfer of technology to the design of future products or services.

But this adult viewpoint removes us from the child-like eyes we must have for examining the biology of the specimens we select, wide-eyed and free to think the impossible as light bends before our eyes and compounds cross membranes against the rules of electro-potential.  It is thus that we reveal the remarkable forms that make up the Natural selection of the evolutionary processes that make up the plant and animal kingdom.

It has been found that certain materials gain from the sizes, from being small and strong to being the reverse, that is large and relatively weak.

Now we find ourselves at the point of no return – where we must cross over from the maths into the intellectual conversations of the just-giver who asks:  What does it mean to be able to does these things?  It is about time that it was answered.  To be able to make do with the whole lot without being able to examine the one thing that makes them different, namely their stick, is insufficient.

Anyway – this is what I am working in now, people, the possibility of going to a University that is working in the field of electro-deposition through nano-pipettes in order to make a tarsus out of copper or gold and then test the properties thereof and see if it sticks to the wall for instance.

I have contacted the University of Warwick to see if they will work with me.



  1. yaskhan66 says:

    Interesting work . You are clever to be doing all this. Hope the Warwick guys say yes. Good luck Bruce.

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