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Colorforming and for Sir Stephen Hawking of you please – for fun

Copyright Bruce E Saunders 2016/7

If it is 9:46 am GMT now here in Bath, then it is, with colorforming, 21h90 in Seoul if you do not fly there but travel through timeless zoning.


If you fly there it is 46h90 in time to get there and back since it is a nine storey flight to be there and not here.


If you ask a maiden on the flight for a tissue and blow your nose, it is about thing and not time. If you blow your nose then all the right anfd the left are about thinking and you know it and that is about time and not thing.

I am not your man but you can think again about it, Herr Muscle Chef Blue and the Right-wing of Bath.

I will see your end of time now.

In the begin there was a New ONe called the end of timer but now he knows it is bad not worse since Blue is in fact poice and not here for cheer, Right Blue me ol’ matey?

Now the end of the tyre is the wrong and the wrong is the blue thing so go to it, my man and gain a long view of it and not the right.

I will be then and the not but you will see it as will I when the body count rises here in Bath, right?

Now try this:

They, that is the mealend of the ticket-line, are beginning to pay the deal with the runt of the man called Blue and his wife named Sardonni-cus or CHERYL or Jesstopher like you Jess, in other words she has been interpreting you as a guest act, like the one in the cycleworks called Josephine or Mad but like you they are not aware, who runs their market stall in the town of Bath selling tat like scarves and silver jewellery yet make a mint off the profits of the movie they are going to make supposedly when I am gone but I know better…

In the end it is about time they all knew I am on to them like a fish on the working end of time.

Now it is about time that you all know that this is not the end but the begin and I hold you all to the shelf as you expose yourself from the rentboy who is me.

I will explain further the Art that is colorforming later but right now I have time to kill so I will lead you in a song.

Now how’s this?

You know the one.

“Pass me my machine-gun, these people are irritating me!” Right Zuma, my chum?

Bruce E Saunders, M.Eng.

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