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On Terra-forming again

Copyright Bruce E Saunders 2016/7

In case you ever wondered terra-forming is a wonderful ideal but it has its shortfalls – if one tries and enter the atmosphere of planets like Mars one lends oneself to the live and notorious centre of the Universe known as Plub, i.e. it is known that you all need a sign from the Future and here it is, and so it is not a possibility UNLESS you do the following:

1)  Use nitric acid to overcome the work of the men known as the Wrong or astronauts like Bill Wakeley who do not know what they are talking about.

So do not know it – go to it and send there and they will know you are Right, Professor Eel, and so it is you will form a plaster that can be measured as the right thing but not the Wrong as it is noted in NASA and in the CIA file NDOTCZO and the Wrong is to send the four mentionable agents to Mars without knowing it will be tendency to the realm of Wall and not the realm of Wall-ette as you know it now but do not produce it on-stage so to speak.

The World will know when you send but it will be unsuccessful unless you doubt it and try and wond it with the fund of the NASA and not the end of time through the wonder of light known as the wrong and the right and it is so so I will.

I preach you now to know it is not the end of the world to be wrong but you better, NASA, get it right before you send it since it will damage the atmosphere that is already there and noxious though it might seem, it is in balance and you will not know when it is here but when it is GONE as a feasible planet to be in.

2)  If you want to terra-form it completely then you should ask me.

I will instruct you Now but only in the first step.

If you ask the word is….Tom as in Dick and not Harry if you get my meaning.  If not then here:

Take two and yell “Amandla!” fast and it should work, or….take 3 and tie your ribbon behind the end of the time-machine I am constructing with Prof Stephen Hawking who knows it will work now.

Your obedient (sic) servant

Bruce  Saunders, M.Eng.

Copyright Bruce E Saunders 2016/7

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  1. Chris White says:

    Happy New Year, Bruce. I am not so sure about Professor Hawking and said time machine. Terraforming will bugger up any planet. Including Earth of course. Rip up all the forests. Explode nuclear weapons. Kill the atmosphere with chemicals. I think humans would have problems terraforming a front lawn in the middle of Richmond Park.

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