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INTO: () I will begin with the Newt Of Harlot and then continue with the begin again

Copyright  Bruce E Saunders 2016/7

Okay, there is something you must learn in plain English and that is that you do not know it but I am a genius in disguise and so I tell you that I know more than you about evolutionary theory than you believe, Vincent.

I will be a then and there but not a between thing and that goes to show it and that goes to knew it too, since you are about to all in your attempt to win support for your new light called the enigma of Me and that makes you a wrong ‘un for the cow comes in and you do not, at night, so it goes and so it seems.

I will be on the wall against you and your mercy since you are aware that I know you killed a gay man in Cape Town with Keith Paskins and I know you are a tramp sexually and that makes you a lot like your father but not mine so Go now and see the rent for what you can for I am busy today and wet behind the ears not, sexually, no matter what you make think.

I will be again and that not.  I will be again and then you shall see it and not I so go!

So I will deal you in and not out you faun, John Williamson the III as you do not know it but you are behind in the rent again and shall fall foul of it soon.

I will fall in and that makes you the wrong for the Guy and that means all new and not old.

I like to think I need time to think but actually I do not so here goes:

I want to say Thank You to Madiba for giving me this chance to like myself again and i do since it is not awareness that makes you but the work of others.

I will be them and that not and this is the end of the world but you do not know it and that does it it does and she isn’t the Near but the Far and that is that.

I will see that you know it but you don’t, Jake and hell you do see but you don;t since it is not evolutionary, but belief since it makes Deal of All but not some, know what I mean?

I will see you soon, now on with some more, so Bye!

Bruce E Saunders, M.Eng. etc

Copyright  Bruce E Saunders 2016/7

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