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INTO: () It is between the legs of the newt that we begin

Copyright Bruce E Saunders 2016/7


There are a number of drug users in Bath but none are too keen to see that it is abut time they come off the,and understand that life is much better without them.

Now I begin by telling one and all that Dr Danyte has signed me off as in, signed the register of offenders to say that I am not one.  Further it is time she understood that she is a used one, not I, for she can tell that something is wrong round here but she knows not what so I shall tell her:

It is a Marlowe who is worst and thinks he ca bets me through his work but in such he is wrong and i shall tell you why – he is ambitious but insecure since I got his best man with a hate crime and now you know folks, it is a possible thing and that is that.

It is without doubt the thing that makes him most easy to see – that he has a political agenda and that makes him vain and ignorant of the future that he wanted, since he condones, yes, condones, the mistreatment of malcontents through the drug taking he administers though he knows it is not good for them – he feels it is a just means of being “In” with the in crown and that makes him wild beyond his years but not smart – no he isn’t and I say that is why he will come again tomorrow to try to scare me, unless I fry him first which I shall.  Now, I know the rules and this is it:

If he tries I shall pretend to Yay and then say Nay when he asks me if I want to go in.  I shall say Nay and the he shall insist and that is what I want since it will open further uses for the need of swimmers like Mark Kydd-Coutts who is about to lose his lunch with what he knows about me – that I am a fighter and I will f@ck him, that is Marlowe, the moment his back is turned by making an SAR1 request that will yell across the era of time to the Right-wing of God, that is, Jonah and the Whale.

It is needby the necessity to go and that shall come and it is too reasonable to be allowing it for I shall need to be in the end, the One who isn’t and that is the One who Is and not the one who isn’t.

It is about time I hear from He and that makes it so and that is the Loss of Time that is here and not there and I mean it!

I want to be Him as to be known and not then but now and that is so and not so.  It is not that he is wrong but that he is right and that is so and that is wrong and ont that it is but that it isn’t and that makes it the right and not the wrong and so it is no’ and no’ so, right?

I will be them as to know and it is so and not so and that matters and not that it does but who can tell without the getting there?

I want to yearn for you all but then it should be them as to know and not them as to don’t and that makes it a fairer deal than all and that isn’t so and that is.  Bye!

Bruce E Saunders



Copyright Bruce E Saunders 2016/7

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