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INTO: () Physics II A sans code, eh! To Stephen J Hawking

Copyright Bruce E Saunders 2016/7

Dear Stephen Hawking

I will commence with the use of all the four variables of height, width and so on and show these fools I am what I am.

1. There are four walls, two of them in parallel and one with an incline so it is with a fool and a full, not a foolslength as some would suppose.

2. I will not be them as to know all as per Jessop and her New Look but I shall be the one who knows it is full of answers none the less, to be able to make all the work a bit longer in demand length and not to go through the right hand bend without the nuance of the slow rain.

3.  It is written that all the things that are available are able to make it but not all can tell if it is true or not, therefore I am able to do so and i will tell  you so that you can test my answer, a little like the FEA modelling you all admire so well but do little without it so you know not what it does precisely, that it can introduce error upon error and so it is that you do not compensate when you should.

4.  It should be though you are all ready for it, you are not so I will give you the answer that you want to see if you understand it, okay?

5.  It shall be the where and the when and it should be true to be able to make it all the way through without the need to chair it to the end of the wall and be able to make it there without the response time that you all suspect thought you do not know why because you hold true to earthly belonging and not space like I am about to introduce you to.

6.  It should be true that you do not know it but some of you do intrinsically, right my son named Petru now, or Floyd as you will be known to me for a while yet?  I will be ale to show you too later but you must abide with me for a while while I show you what it is to be rescued by God from above, not by you but by me.  So I get you alone and show you that it is all about seed and seer and not about sone or sonn and that is all.

7.  It is A1 that you need to show these fools that I know what I am talking about but that should be a good introductory tool to show them that you are a real guy and not a showman, Stephen, like some of them cal you at the D.A.M.P. now that you ave shown yourself to have a real sense of humor and that I give you here – that you are a strong guy and it helps you to feel so when you know it is appreciated by such as I.  I will be them as to know and not to though it through the wry wilker called the run-of-the-mill stuff that does not churn through your veins but through your heart as well. I will be then and there and not thid not though you see me, the one who is and who isn’t.  I will show thee that it is then and not though so you know it and not I.  Now I do not believe I have met you before, boy, but I appreciate what you are trying to say and it is thus that you are rushing without seeing it yet.  If you SEE it then you know it is not to be rushed and so it is believed to be then and there the run of the mill usage of the word called the Obiah of Son and be the one who isn’t is to be the one who is like the sane one like triant and calling the wrong and the wry and that is all.


Bruce E Saunders

Copyright Bruce E Saunders 2016/7

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