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INTO: () For the ladies – a new Birth Control Pill – first of three new ones

This has the advantage of having no oestrogen in it and relies on a knowledge of the heart and harp , so called because it releases the own son and not the o and so it does not hit the head but the handle and that leave the which and the where available to the heat of the moment and not the end game.

Type 1

These are organic and open to correction for the use by the rare type of person who knows the when of their system.  A doctor should prescribe.

1)  A C B O T

2) A C B 2 0

3) A C B O 2 0 T

4) A C D E C T D E E E N T

5) A C D E C T O N D E T E D E N C D

This will form a useful by-product by making thm use all their timous entry to sin of relax to be then and now the right time for the call.  It is then that he shall know to be there for it.  They do not use thin particulate seers but thy are a challenge to you so do not know and o not share.  Go.


A = NKD or Keytone named Alon

B = NKV or KNDOT is the recycle or use and that is the ron and the ray and it is so and it is so not and that is a fact or they do and they do not and that is why and that is so and so it is and so it does not.  Bye!

C = NKE = NKZ = NKZT = NKZTD = NKZDTZ = NKZDTZT = NKZDTZDTZ = NKZDTEC = NKZDTZE = NKZDTEZTDE = NKZDTEZDTEZETZDET = NKZTEDZTD = NK = NKE = Acetone with bicord and useful nicks called the gelly or the rensome which does not get in the hair or the eye so it is fool-proofed with the use of more than they can sare and that makes it more than they can make and it is so and it is so not.  Bye!

D = NCTOT and NCTODETONDOTD and NDOTDOTDET and NDTOTDCT and OTC and OTCDE and OTCDENDOCT and NDO and NDOTCDE and NDOTCTDOT and NDOTCDEOTCDENTOTCENDOTCTEOCTENDCOTCDETONDCTONDCTE = NTC = NTCD = NTCDECEDENDCTECEDE = NDCTECDECTECE = NC = NCE = NCETE = NCE = NCE = NCEOTECE = TNDCTENTCDEOCN = acetone and bicarbonate with slimed use of full ten fingered gloves so they all use the same kind of right and wrong stuff and that is a fact.

E + enzymed glued useful filling and that goes for the wrong and the right and that is that.

N = Endocrine and crinioped use and therefore it is so and not so.  Go!

T = NDOPT = endioped use and so it is a little hard to make but very useful to seer and that makes it full of use and not very hard to manufacture here in the U.K. but very difficult in South Africa cos of its use as a mind blowing occupant – it does not appeal to the Catholics who hate contraceptives and I m not a Catholic unlike the Pope.

0 = endiopos and that makes it here and now the best for the sin of making love without use of a condom with the use of the then and there called the reaper and the render.  Bye!

Copyright Bruce E Saunders 2017

Date 30/12/2016 on my military backspace on GCHQ grounds

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