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INTO: () Physics – with Yele Kristiop – 16/1/2017

1. 714171615171987191681641986714972

2) 718419641797685497184714978697142165497196

3) 718619419418417416415414414413129765942161

4) 61718617181761517671817978654956171978917

Now we can choose what we want to start with above, because when we ask for a number there is a cause and effect.  That does not need to be the where but the when so do not know but do know so go see your own thing but so not ask for the the time to do so.  Ask they way and so it is, so it is, so it is.  I will explain more when it is so dear.  So will it be so or so it will.  Bye>

[Above must be exact – including the repetition of some words – it is not meant to make sense in a typical english format of language]

(It’s number theory, so we can all relax cos it won’t harm anyway and will stop the rentor from flowing in and out (for a multi-variable software machine))

Number is all about Robotics and Computer Theory and Movement.

Copyright Bruce E Saunders 2017

Dated 16/1/2017  07h12 GMT

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