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INTO: () On Artificial Intelligence and its doubts for the future and why it is so…

and why it should not be a concern and why it is good but not for the use for which it is planned since it will never be what you think, scientists as it is limited but not so – depending upon how you look at it.

That is – once you know what it is good for you will be surprised but not dismayed but it will never be able to make you understand that you are the One and not it, since it is not able to convince you that it is limited but You Are so you do not understand it and that is the failing of YOU scientist and not the people who doubt you.

YOU will not fond this even THOUGHT of anywhere in the world as of yet, not even written or sketched, so you Doubter are not wrong but it is a learning experience FOR ALL including the most advanced scientific mind not least because I am further ahead than they are in their thinking I am afraid I have to say.

It is a fact that you, scientist, to whom I am speaking, do not know what it is good for, so why the smile like you know everything?


INTERLUDE while I deal with a Bath Fuck who is clee’ing on illegally to my computer/PC.

I’ll prove it then since you ask and fancy yourself.

What is X?  Your answer that it is an X co-ordinate indicates that you are foolish and have done history well but not Maths.  Your answer is Descartian and therefore defunct i.e. out of date.

So try again.  Let’s under Number Theory which is 30 years old.

Well?   Your answer – X is….a tom? Are you sure?

Okay if you wish but of course you have it in your text so you can check my answer now when I say that under Number Theory

X is a tomber and a num.  Am I correct to you of do you want some air?

Your question.  What is the probabilty of…1?  It is ovum.  It is the definition of pi.

To continue…it is about time you realised I do NOT like you at all so I will keep it as so Mr Abrams of Maths Class B of the Kings School here in Bath.

Anyway you are wasting everybody’s time so f-off, Mr Abrams.

Anyway to ignore the peanut-brain Abrams I will continue.

If you take a lot of time thinking about this then you are foolish but you are NOT right Abrams My Man?

I am Leader of the ANC motherfucker.

Bye! Abrams go home to beddy-byes now while the grown-ups talk.  Goodnight you Fucker with your slang verb and your woot sno’.


To continue:

I need to see you all after school tomorrow when I feel better so shut up You!


Abrams LIKES to feel up little boys after school don’t you? About eight years old suits you, right?  That’s where you discover Punnet and he’s well right?  After you beat him TO DEATH for hauling you in to the Principal and she still doesn’t know what to do with you right, Herr Major, Head of the esteemed school here in Bath?


Anyway may I continue?

On A.I. or artificial intelligence as they call it now, even in the textbooks since it is not deemed well to call it by its real name now since it evokes fear of man-made things like soma or som which is still for sale here but I forget where, right, Mr Policeman?


I better continue this on a fresh page and it will be going onto my Biomimetics blog this time where I keep all my science shit, not on the ….zuma blog, okay?





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  1. yassy says:

    Hello Bruce. This is epic. Keep going. Best to you my friend.

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