Nanotechnology, Biomimetics, Micro-design, Arctium minus et al Hook and Velcro – A PhD and a Virtual Textbook on Biological Attachment Mechanisms and their Mimicking

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Schizophrenia, nano-technology, truth, trauma induced psychosis, scientific research and Institutional behaviour

This may upset some people but I have decided that this is the place where the truth shall lie should anyone care to look.


The story of my Ph.D. is a strange one.  To begin with I did not choose my research topic.  I walked in not having taken the final year elective in Biomimetics.  I was a computer-vision specialist fro my work in my final project of my Masters with thesis.

I was heavily assaulted in the town of Bath

By six men at least ten years younger than myself.  This trauma to head and back was followed by arrests, car vandalism in which my car was written off then burnt out on successive nights and and campaign of hate that made me think of terrorism.

My log book was stolen from my flat.  My data raided and corrupted, with an emoticon left as signature by the assailant. Yet still I continued to preserve my right to publish and to copyright using this blog some 5 years ago now almost.  By virtue of ALWAYS keeping a memory stick on my keychain.

None of my opponents could predict the advent of the blog in their plans for me and my research into nano-technology.


the traumas did have psychological effects and I see a counsellor once a week to this day.

I have written entries on this blog that have been entirely fictitious and deliberately creative as I have tried to fox everyone into thinking I have a serious illness such that I maintain my status in the eyes of the State and the D.W.P. – the Department of Work and Pensions.  This has led to my accommodation being subsequently raided and thus I am without being able to substantiate the missing items that as are close and dear to my heart, like a carved wood car I made with my father for Cub Scouts when I was 9.

This ALL derives from a fictitious fractious arrangement between two professors in my working group at Bath.  Professors Giles Hunt and Prof Julian Vincent, both of whom announce their willingness to proceed against me, then do not as they do not have a leg to stand on.  They announce that they are estranged and watch what pops up – me with my political allegiance to the Labout Party and non-Defence work.

It is such that all the right things are being brought to the fore here as they are about to learn it is not the right of many but the right of one here and they do not like it but the community of the Bath University is not the right place to decide on the value of my research.  It is in the world at large where it has been accepted, referenced and I have been cited by name by Gorb, Stanislav and Elena in their new paper on the arctium minus and other hooked plants from around the globe. THIS meaures acceptance.

It is a fact that this all bar paper 3 should have been published years ago.  Parts 1 and 2 were ready but they, the Professors, refused to see me as a vendetta against me for  being too successful at Art, and being able to write, and not be desperate to assuage their feelings over misnomered insults when in fact they all know it is the fact that I have psychosis induced by their own treatment of me and they like it too.

They like disagreeing with everyone and that is their way.

It is factual that they do not live.  They ask only to survive in their seats and not be made to held accountable for their actions which put me in hospital on top of all their misdoings and lies and ignorance of the facts of their own behaviours.

What it comes down to here is this:  what you see here is only half the research needed for the result I obtained – the rest is in my Masters on Computing and Computer Vision in C++.  So do not believe I am ignorant to do this.  I take risks and one of them was to self- publish here and not wait until formal publication had occurred.  And I was right to do so as it encouraged me not dissuaded me, into further attempts to find a journal with suitable interests and levels of standards for my work, which is what Springer-Open is.  Peer reviewed and respected.

I am now in a position to work and this means I am looking now for the first time in five years.  It has taken that long for me to recover on state benefits.  It took some time to get the right treatment as the right of all to see clearly is not the one who does it here – i.e. psychiatrists see only nurture and not nature and that is why they ask not about trauma and they do not know if it is a way of being allowed to work – having schizophrenia though induced schizophrenia is.

I cannot argue with this diagnosis enough – it was provoked by a false statement made by Giles Hunt to the extent that I was not able to do my Ph.D. and thereby was unreasonable in my assault upon the University of Bath by e-mail and that is why they do not want to know it but they will.  For this is big and it is attracting the attention of the defence industry a la the movie with Matt Damon “Good Will Hunting”.

This is the start and not the beginning of ending.


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