The first time I found out about it was when I went to see Edwards Vacuums in Clevedon, U.K., manufacturers of abatement systems for the semi-conductor industry who sent me down a blind path to see if I knew what they proposed as the right thing to build, namely thermo-couples small enough to fit in pipes for flow of flammable gases (cfc’s) for the making of chips.

This was the end of it.  I did not give them permission.  They are masons associated with the Bath Fellow Clifford Burrows and his friend Craig Woolley.

I have been here a long time and I will not see it end here but with the publication of a textbook which I have been invited to write for CSC publishers in the U.S.

I have applied for a position with Micron too and do not feel it should come down to choice – I am looking for sponsorship in return for a part of the book profits and need to find a biologist to write with,  You are welcome to apply if you know something about Biomimetics.

Copyright Bruce E Saunders 2018

All rights reserved.  Not to be reproduced in any form with my express permission in writing.

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