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More applications for my process IV

  1. Hair netting for the kapok industry
  2. Stove bells for the rubber industry
  3. Slong ro for the redline car and the redline golf
  4. Cheer-bye for the right of all, that is, to start the right and left open one and that is why they ask what is the fruit of all and they say it in turn and not in starting but in finishing.  i.e. the right of one to keep still and not open his mouth for a while and just ask what is the wrong thing to do and that is to express all without taking into account thieves who might try and hack before I send this off to witnesses like the last four were.
  5. Backfrosted laser sights.
  6. Seven tour’d rightwing falls i.e. the right of all one to be here and not then but now i.e. the bookended stopper or the right of all things to be here and not there.
  7. Nightsights
  8. Gold extraction for Rainbow Minerals, S.A. for the use of cadmium inserts in the right and left vane of the autokiln.
  9. Great surge piping in the tobacco and food industries.
  10. Blue tooth stereo and suchlike pieces with alpha numeric codings on their faces and the use of all to make new bar charts instead of codes to add security to mobile phones and the use of them by ordinary men and women and not kids who like to mess about too mush and don’t know how to keep safety first.


Copyright Bruce E Saunders 2018.  All Rights Reserved. Not for reproduction or transmission without my express permission in writing.

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