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More applications of my process III

  1. Low Carbon Fuel – Graphene and its modulus of freedom called the right of one or the wend of all also known as carburundum or imitation diamond (synthetic diamond)

2. Tungsten – light filaments

3. Catalytic converters

4. Miniaturisation of electronic components

5. Screen converters and their use of.

6. Armatures for the right of all i.e. for the bullet to train on to get it to fly straight and narrow at the target and not wonder from its flight.  (Beso right and Beso left)

7. Aircraft skin texturing for vortex accumulation and not shedding.

Copyright Bruce E Saunders 2018.  All rights reserved.  No reproduction or transmission without express permission in writing.


  1. Chris White says:

    How’s it going Bruce. Sounds like you’re busy. Myself … very tired much of the time but getting there.

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