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Vincent the Biologist vc Saunders the Industrial Engineer

Re: Vincent the Biologist vc Saunders the Industrial Engineer
Stanislav Gorb <>
Sun 23/09/2018, 15:18

Thank you , Dr. Saunders,

now I understand why you do not collaborate with Julian Vincent.

Best regards.

YOurs Stanislav Gorb


Am 2018-09-23 16:44, schrieb Bruce Saunders:

Prof Gorb
We have not yet had a chance to speak but let me tell you this – we two may have a conflict but actually from my reading I think not.
However, Vincent and I had a huge conflict over his insistence to align his subject with green politics.  And recommend technology he did not and does not understand more than science fiction.
He still only talks of biological principles, ignoring chemistry and physics so truly he believes in Intelligent Design whereas I say it is a matter of perception and that Nature is not secular.
He wouldn’t hear my arguments within his group and we separated and he abandoned my project hence my solo efforts.
He went further than that by attempting to purge my topic of all patentable ideas without my permission or participation, showing me a piece of paper covered in sketches and signed by all the group bar me. I was a researcher, not his technician!
But he did not know one can patent a process.
I look forward to your view.
Bruce E Saunders


  1. Chris White says:

    Hi Bruce. Stirring things up nicely then. Prof Gorb seems a person of few words.

  2. Dr Nikolay Bogatyrev to be precise, Chris!

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