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Press Blockade

I was so popular with the British Press during my PhD that Prince Harry decided to take revenge upon the press by putting the notorious Conservative MP named Anne Widdicombe (Sunday School teacher from Bath) in charge with her snoop laws.


The Queen herself ordered my failure at my oral exam for “interfering” in politics when I put in both Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Jacob Zuma.

Julian Vincent a rich professor and old labour man installed microphones in my flat for the Bath Uni Student’s Union.

The flat’s number is 54 for Studio 54 – the dancing American, which is what I was called in a murder attempt in 2002.

I am African National Congress from way back and proud of it!


I have circulated this to South Africa and Australia.

Letter to my solicitor

I am making a complaint against the University of Bath in that they did not offer me respite when i had depression following an assault in town.  I have repeatedly e-mailed the University to get them to come to the table and their response has been to put me in hospital.  I have been published subsequently and cited in a biology textbook.  I wish to sue and have submitted a letter of action.  I now need help to fill in the claim form.  This is where I need help with the legal terminology so I don’t make the judge impatient.
I want money for defamation, recalcitrance and abuse.  I published under my name only as my supervisors had abandoned the project after mismanaging it.  All the work is my own.  I was told by the Head of Department that they were going to offer me an office before he said he thought i should leave leaving me with no option but to.  Subsequently I published as there was no other department in the country that offered Biomimetics and they knew this.  I have had over 2500 learned readers.
I was diagnosed by the campus psych with depression reinforced by a second opinion from the priory.  Subsequently this changed to schizophrenia which I contest but which I am using for a claim under the Equalities Act 2010.  I know this is not your field but…
I have no access to an actuary but I want ten million.  I would be happy to sign an agreement with you for part thereof for your assistance.  They have put me in hospital over ten times.
All detention without trial which is a nightmare from my time in South Africa where I volunteered as an activist for the anc.  The head of department said change your friends.  He knew and I believe they prepared for this during my undergraduate degree there.  But that’s not relevant to the case as I cannot prove it.
I have been forbidden to go onto campus property.  Defamation and damages.  I went on campus three times to make an appointment to see the vice-chancellor and was escorted off campus with no appointment even though they gave me a grant from the hefrc which I have honored even though the university sought to prevent it.  I have made every effort to be reasonable.
I presented my data at a assessment to  transfer from mphil to phd and was failed even though this is precisely what I used for my first two papers.  Nothing more nothing less.  the first paper is the one cited in a fundamental biology textbook.  I have a sealed copy of the work I had done in preparation.
The head of department called me Nelson Mandela which was not meant as a compliment.
A psych from the hospital approached the university on my behalf but the disability rep refused to see him.  The university claims to be a two tick employer ie disability friendly.
There’s an issue of intellectual property as I am accredited as having been at Bath University where I used their confocal microscope but they will not acknowledge me.  It took ten years to find a publisher and they waived my publication fees when I told them I had been driven into bankruptcy.

Reconciliation with Julian Vincent, Prof of Biomimetics at Bath U.

I am pleased to inform you that I have reached a conciliatory agreement with my first supervisor and we have agreed to let by-gones be by-gones.


Life is too short and may this be a lesson to you all.


Insight is a word used by the mental health fraternity to refer to someone being ill and not knowing it.  Dr Danyte said this to me on our first meeting when she confined me to two months in The Cherries ward (now closed) in a high security ward.
If for the sake of argument I accept the diagnosis of schizophrenia, I did not receive it until after I left the Uni although it must be taken as fact that I was suffering at the time.
Therefore I made the decision to cancel my registration under duress.  Forced by harassment and general unhappiness with the situation.  How do you know I was not in the process of a psychotic event beyond my control, as it has been proved I have psychotic episodes?  You have been discriminating against me for political gain and with motive.  Treating Mental Health like a headache that you can self-prescribe for, like  taking an aspirin.
I argued against a two tier education system.
I have represented someone at Industrial Tribunal.
I can represent myself but you will not allow it.
I have never had schizophrenia but I discovered trauma induced psychosis and I fit.  How could I have insight when I had never heard of the condition?  I was kicked so hard I limped for three years and my head still remembers the impacts and the noise of them.  Such was the severity.
Bill Bruce-Jones and Victoria MacMaster saw me at the Bath University medical centre and were obviously as ignorant as me.  According to them I was depressed but I did not get medication.  But they kept notes.
I know I was short changed with reference to care and the University has put the price on the hands of the tax payer.  I was not offered respite for something that could be taken as a simple mistake, even Sally Clift enquired after my wellbeing yet she did nothing except fail me.
It gets worse.  My harassment has continued as well as thefts from my household and computer post publication.
It has been blatant and the suspect is people acting on behalf of Giles Hunt et al on campus, demonstrating their power and influence with Gary Rathbone of the World Cup South Africa and his television company now of the U.K.
Bruce E Saunders

Cited in a Plant Biology Textbook

In my long protest against the University of Bath (over fourteen years gone by now) I have been arrested five times, incarcerated in a Mental health Institution a dozen times, and I have won through by being published and not only that, I have been cited in a 2018 textbook on Plant Biology for the first paper I have ever written, unsupervised and without editors. This for work the University did not recognise the importance of leading to our separation in ways. I have been put through bankruptcy. And no one could tell them that at the time I lacked insight and should have been offered respite. Instead they treat Mental Health like a weakness, something you deserve in some way. I am now off meds completely for the last six weeks and feel great. But I am protesting again, doing what I call Irresponsible e-mailing to increase the footprint of my complaint. I hope to have the police arrive at my door with a complaint from the Uni any day now. And so it continues. Anyone would say I am “John Nash” figure from “A Beautiful Mind” but I am suspicious of a set-up.