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Letter to my solicitor

I am making a complaint against the University of Bath in that they did not offer me respite when i had depression following an assault in town.  I have repeatedly e-mailed the University to get them to come to the table and their response has been to put me in hospital.  I have been published subsequently and cited in a biology textbook.  I wish to sue and have submitted a letter of action.  I now need help to fill in the claim form.  This is where I need help with the legal terminology so I don’t make the judge impatient.
I want money for defamation, recalcitrance and abuse.  I published under my name only as my supervisors had abandoned the project after mismanaging it.  All the work is my own.  I was told by the Head of Department that they were going to offer me an office before he said he thought i should leave leaving me with no option but to.  Subsequently I published as there was no other department in the country that offered Biomimetics and they knew this.  I have had over 2500 learned readers.
I was diagnosed by the campus psych with depression reinforced by a second opinion from the priory.  Subsequently this changed to schizophrenia which I contest but which I am using for a claim under the Equalities Act 2010.  I know this is not your field but…
I have no access to an actuary but I want ten million.  I would be happy to sign an agreement with you for part thereof for your assistance.  They have put me in hospital over ten times.
All detention without trial which is a nightmare from my time in South Africa where I volunteered as an activist for the anc.  The head of department said change your friends.  He knew and I believe they prepared for this during my undergraduate degree there.  But that’s not relevant to the case as I cannot prove it.
I have been forbidden to go onto campus property.  Defamation and damages.  I went on campus three times to make an appointment to see the vice-chancellor and was escorted off campus with no appointment even though they gave me a grant from the hefrc which I have honored even though the university sought to prevent it.  I have made every effort to be reasonable.
I presented my data at a assessment to  transfer from mphil to phd and was failed even though this is precisely what I used for my first two papers.  Nothing more nothing less.  the first paper is the one cited in a fundamental biology textbook.  I have a sealed copy of the work I had done in preparation.
The head of department called me Nelson Mandela which was not meant as a compliment.
A psych from the hospital approached the university on my behalf but the disability rep refused to see him.  The university claims to be a two tick employer ie disability friendly.
There’s an issue of intellectual property as I am accredited as having been at Bath University where I used their confocal microscope but they will not acknowledge me.  It took ten years to find a publisher and they waived my publication fees when I told them I had been driven into bankruptcy.

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