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My theory of Evolution and the planetary system called the Solar System GMT 18H00, 14.11.2020, location Salisbury, Wilts, U.K.

Brace yourself!

Once the Solar System was a binary system and the Earth was a gas giant.

It collapsed on itself and cooled leaving a monster of gas, water, sand and and the first chlorophyll, strings of plant like structures. The other planets of the system consist of co-planar pairs in a mathematical not linear, sense.

Or those that have some maths there is a transformation for each pair that would make them co-planar in a Cartesian sense.

The pairs are Mercury and Venus, Mars and Gemini, Pluto and Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn.

In order the transformations are:

  1. The tan of the moment around the planet Jupiter.
  2. The tan of the moment around the Sun and Earth.
  3. The tan of the moment around the Sun and Uranus.
  4. The tan of the moment around the Sun and Mars.

The earth started to spin and gravity formed. There were many Gods.

Then with gravity the Gods died with only One remaining. At the same time the sand sank and the first rock formed. The planetary core is made up of gold, cesium and iron.

The radiation that triggers Evolution comes from beneath our feet, not the Sun.

The Natural kingdom of Earth evolved. And then Man evolved. With this One God.

One day Man will evolve into another God.

There is more but this is the gist.

May I say further that the Lutherans were a curse on the Romans who they saw as pagans.

Whereever you find a Lutheran church it was built on a site of Roman remains.

Now, the earliest fossils can be found in Dakota on the Break Line where all the real ones, the fossils that is, are plants and we know that all the earth was once devoted to plants not animals and then they came along. When did it happen and how?

Well, let’s start at the beginning when all the real ones were about to flower and they started to engage in productive reasoning as plants do and they all started to thin about the right to move and begin to work together as they do. This led to the product of fur and animal in the form of Brontus Rec, a mammal that still exists today as the duckbilled platypus (51 BC). It is the earliest specimen of life though it grew a long time ago and was smaller then, about six inches long with feathers that led to a hook at the side of its mouth.

Then came the rat-tailed orifyx who still lives in the South of the Scott Highlands and is called the real one by Scots who know how old it is. (44 BC)

It took six millennia for another animal to appear (56 BC when it came out still and not alive then again in 41BC where the same thing happened and again in 14BC as it was unsuccessful in surviving each time until the third and then it remarked it could not lead and so man came along instead) and that was the rat named the eue and that takes its name from the sound that it makes in making families for it begs for food with mouth parts that are very equal in side length but not in words of five syllables i.e. it cannot talk without a tongue and that stopped evolution until man came along next in the next millennia, about six before now when time was on its side and it did not know when to make it across rivers but swam instead along the edge and formed a natal workgroup called the Real End after the name of the word God in the Bible of the Whole World by Nemesis. That was homo erectus in 15 BC or the Right of One in the Torah as it is called by Jews in the world. In case you do not know it is about the right of all and that means a lot of time has been spent looking at man as the long time favoured thing and it is but not for all to see but to fear as they are deadly and kill other species with looking for them and seeing them for self and not for the plant and animal itself. In our Current time 15 BC is fifteen thousand and thirty years before Christ.

After man came the dog (12 BC) (check using a chihuahua) and then the cat (14 BC) (use a siaow) for they are seen as wrong in the world and not ordinary but fetal in that they long to roll up and sleep and not lie flat which is what most animals do and it is to so seek them that man began hunting for they were warm and not hungry to find anything other to eat than fruit and liked lying with cats for their fur and did not kill them as man had not begun to kill yet as in the old scary he-man adventures of Conan the Barbarian said, but actually none of man could kill for they knew not how to make spikes nor sticks and stones, only how to flower like petals and use the gun for their own purpose which was to eat with for the first gun is a form of wender which like now, was long and straight like bird dropping on the floor in that it whitened sand and ate flour like glue and water for it was glue and water combined to make a slow burning candle wick and light after all the time in the dark, from fire in storms by electrical fires from lightening. The glue was liniseed which dripped from the trees like Eucalyptus and others that arrived in the desert about fifteen thousand years before man, in the Sugei region of Somalia where you will still find footprints that are large and sort of good to look at but poor to see in that they do not look like prints but sore spots on the sun for that is what they are called there where they do not know it but they are the first signs of man in the world as we know it now and then.

The sabre tooth tiger came a long in 12 BC in Africa only and died out by itself. Dinosaurs were in Africa only and started in 12 BC and ended in 4 BC. The mammoths were in 10 BC and occurred only in what we know as Russia. No man knew a dinosaur as they were too far South for them to find on their wandering in and out of desert regions like the Sia and the Nor in Nepal where they went too as the planet was new and they could walk anywhere without falling off the edge like some do in the Book of Job which is false for the word is about the right and not the left as he says there in print to fool us about it. Other books in the Bible that are there to fool us are the one called the Revelation and the one called the work of Thomas Iscariot about the right of all to see and not hear which is why they hate children, cos they do not hear they are human and adult in every way but experience of worldly things like words and youth as it is now.

The Star of Africa in South Africa came along in about 4 BC and then died in the end of hunger for meat it could not get by hunting in the desert during a drought that lasted 1500 years and is noted in the Ipsi Tango by Moot and his man the Hemel of Note which is about the right of all to see in the Bible by Mark and James by Eurypides the Great, a man known for his power of notion, like me.

It is correct if you say the carbon dating does not comply with it for carbon dating does not allow for the right of light to subside by the tube of the carnel which is about the right of man to allow for mistakes when they happen. Carbon dating is not accurate and does not see but feels its way like blind man does.

Egypt is interesting with many questions but one is who do you see in the tower and that is wrong but not right for you see no one if you do not look and no Egyptian does for it is Saintly no to and to with hold the information is better than knowing it to them when they prey and that is so to stop them from seeing that they are inferior now that they are known for being in the wrong about Christ and his existence not as the Son of God but as the man known as Ibsah in the Koran when they wrote it all those years ago, the Egyptians did, not Mosel of Tarnia as some suppose but the man known as Ibrahim the Great of Mosul and waiting for me is Kate so Bye!

Instead of Carbon dating we should be using the Epillimar of Road which is about how to make the tar in jeans available to man through the regeneration of time and that means allowing the decay of matter to time the arrival of man and not the start of good things like mankind which is a lot later, about 10 BC or ten thousand and fifty years our time before Christ, in Egypt where they built the pyramids out of rocks that stood there and then made them into stone without moving them and put them there using the long end of books called the reals of time in the Bible under J for John and James the First of Iscariot. They made them into stones to dissemble them to take them away but they never did.

To come: How does an animal or man come to be born from plants?

It takes a lot of thinking about but if you think about the word of God called the Realisation of Time you will see it there, about the work of man in the group of vowels called ART or Art which is about the work of many to make one and that is what it is – the work of many plants, all different and their work which is multiplying at extraordinary rate that makes man talk to them about themselves and so conscience is born and that makes man in a shape called the rea of time or the right of one according to the Bible and that is all for now except to say it is good to know you all you 500 on my USS feed.

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COPYRIGHT Bruce E Saunders 2020

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