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Song for Lucy

I have a happy little family

My sister says we are all mafia

when she is National Front

She has a swastika tattoo’d above

her hairline

so what did I do

with this problem no-longer-a-child?

I am ANC and not a civilian so I put the

CID onto her in South Africa, in 2003.

Fucking hilarious.

Be warned poetry snatch!

(“Lucy” is a blogger and is none other than Carmen Plant also knonw as Carmen Jones of Bath where I live, her son Cassidy is National Front too, but he doesn’t want his Green friends to know that, what with his influential grandfather who is so vain he likes to be called Rob. And Rob slept with his daughter Carmen. As did Cassidy, who does not know his girl is Plain Clothes too. He has a swastika on the right side of his skull above the hairline too. And he wants to go to Hollywood!)



  1. yassy says:

    Lol, what’s all this about. It’s hilarious btw .

    • Bioman says:

      Lucy of Poetry corner on wordpress – i got her for plagiarisn a long time ago and she followed this site and my poetry – then when I posted a good poem she, like Lucy in the comics “Snoopy” hacked my account and stole it but not the copy on my site just the version I posted i.e. she couldn’t get at the listing, just the post itself. And I caught her and wrote a poem about it. Now she doesn’t “like” my posts anymore but i know she is Carmen Plant who lives here in Bath and has been at war with me as ANC and a trade unionist for years and her son Cassidy and her father Robert Plant the singer from Led Zeppellin who lives in town too. i have been up against money and crime through a mafia of drug dealers and sellers and bribery and corruption but i think I have won through now having found the man who paid for my attempted murder: James Dyson of Dyson vacuum cleaners and I have lodged a complaint with the police.

      • yassy says:

        Omg really. That is terrible. Plagiarism is the worst kind of sin.
        Lol. But I am scared for your life. You better take care , Bruce.

      • Bioman says:

        I am being very careful indeed. Very. I am currently writing ny autobiography and writing everything down just in case – everything that has happened etc and it could run to two volumes! But currently I am top in Biomimetics in the country, believe it or not!

      • yassy says:

        You can never be too careful. But seriously , I am scared. I hope the police come up with something fast.

        I am proud of you .. I know you are tops in Biomimetics. Atta boy.

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