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I have been writing on this site for a decade close, wondering what comes next! I have great fun writing flash and I have found I can read colours too, so have entered poetry slams in London occassionally. Thanks for joining me and please be kind. Bioman

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It took a while to make it to the end of the star system but the use of time has made it possible. But there is a problem which has not been solved: how to make all the right turns into the middle of planetary work and not start the long and the short without knowing how to make it here in the business end of it and too what shall we do with it now we have started and that makes all the planets equal to the one and the same and it is so to speak the end of it if we ask how to make it wrong and not right and that is the way through the problem without making it sound too immense for solution.

In the beginning we must ask what to do with the start and finish of it and that makes all the right and wrong start with the beginning and not the end and that make all the solutions seem like the end of time and the start of it too and that is all the same and not here but there where they all begin to make it to the end of time and that is why they ask if it is possible to solve and it is if you ask: what is going to be the time constant in each case and that is where you start, with the time constants.

It takes a lot of work to make the sound of thunder seem like flames but actually it is about splitting the atom in the sky and that makes more energy for the flame to make fire and not the use of it but the start of being in the end, the time of all things and that makes all the particular beings in the world seem like they are starting to yield and not flow as they should and that means that all of the world is about fire and not water as it seems now.

Flames make the end of time seem like the end of all and that means a lot of time is spent looking and not seeing the flame as it is – the end of the world in which we live and the start of new worlds upon which we can sustain life if we try and extinguish them using the work of Maude and his friend the Duke of Windsor who uses it to prove that all the things on earth are due to the end of time and not the start of it like men suppose on the outside of physics.

It needs a whirlpool to make flames and it means all the work of some people is about the right of all people to make it in the end to the start of it and that means a lot of time and not the sense but the beginning of it to the end of all time and that is why they say it to them, that all things are about the right of all and not the right of some and that needs a lot of time and that means a lot of energy and that means the time constants are not proven but actually they are starting to make them all seem like they are real and not energy but time and that is all for now except to say: it is not going to start raining until all the planets are dead.



In the start it needs long division to get where you can see the way to get it out. Start with the new mantle of being in earnest about it and then let the whole thing fall out by itself using the maths of the sign and the tyne and that will do it to the work and make it easy fro the start and the begin is:

take two and make it sun and moon. Then ask: what to do with the moon when the star is making it shine?

The answer is to make it look like the start and not the begin when all things are equal. This means a lot of time spent looking at the star and not the moon when it is the moon that is important.

It takes long division to get the star out of the city and that makes long division the start of things and not the end and that means a long time spent looking at it and that means a long time looking at the moon and that is al for now etc but that makes it easy to reflect on and understand and that is all to it.



A Llongwe Pea by Jon Sab worth £15 Million at Sotheby’s bought at Rosebank Curio Market, Johannesburg

Made of Gonkwa wood which is black and cannot burn. Llongwe is the native name for the wood. A pea is an aphrodisiac in Sotho and Nairobi and Swahilli.

A 12 and a half bottle brush from the world’s fair in London 1802 and the use of it from the man himself John Gunn about the work of man to make him whole estimated £12 million and £2million each.

Bought in Bath for five pounds and a family heirloom, the brush

A lounge ure value £18 000 at auction

An eighteen century lounge ure with two cold flange takes and a long road in the side of it

1812 Overture number five by J A Reckle from the World According to the Garr i.e. the Terry one who lost it last year in her doom value £2 million at Sotheby’s

A gift from an ex girlfriend

Arts an Crafts – an 1931 Vivso Table by John A Carter Price £200000 at auction.

Also given to me by the drunk’s boyfriend who could not be bothered with it – IKEA I suppose he thought

It’s a Jarva – Sold!

From the top Image 2

Note the hand made lip
It is actually a wine bottle – the first in the world bought in Bath

Offered to me by a drunk who thought it was a bottle for her beer bottle collection and nearly through it to the ground before I rescued it and cleaned it, only on the outside. Original dirt is inside to be dated.

Beer I have drunk:

From the 4th Jania or the work of all things to do with the word of God

Bottle worth £2 Billion at Sotheby’s

All my posts so far including some fun and not so fun

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