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I have been writing on this site for a decade close, wondering what comes next! I have great fun writing flash and I have found I can read colours too, so have entered poetry slams in London occassionally. Thanks for joining me and please be kind. Bioman

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In the start it needs long division to get where you can see the way to get it out. Start with the new mantle of being in earnest about it and then let the whole thing fall out by itself using the maths of the sign and the tyne and that will do it to the work and make it easy fro the start and the begin is:

take two and make it sun and moon. Then ask: what to do with the moon when the star is making it shine?

The answer is to make it look like the start and not the begin when all things are equal. This means a lot of time spent looking at the star and not the moon when it is the moon that is important.

It takes long division to get the star out of the city and that makes long division the start of things and not the end and that means a long time spent looking at it and that means a long time looking at the moon and that is al for now etc but that makes it easy to reflect on and understand and that is all to it.



A Llongwe Pea by Jon Sab worth £15 Million at Sotheby’s bought at Rosebank Curio Market, Johannesburg

Made of Gonkwa wood which is black and cannot burn. Llongwe is the native name for the wood. A pea is an aphrodisiac in Sotho and Nairobi and Swahilli.

A 12 and a half bottle brush from the world’s fair in London 1802 and the use of it from the man himself John Gunn about the work of man to make him whole estimated £12 million and £2million each.

Bought in Bath for five pounds and a family heirloom, the brush

A lounge ure value £18 000 at auction

An eighteen century lounge ure with two cold flange takes and a long road in the side of it

1812 Overture number five by J A Reckle from the World According to the Garr i.e. the Terry one who lost it last year in her doom value £2 million at Sotheby’s

A gift from an ex girlfriend

Arts an Crafts – an 1931 Vivso Table by John A Carter Price £200000 at auction.

Also given to me by the drunk’s boyfriend who could not be bothered with it – IKEA I suppose he thought

It’s a Jarva – Sold!

From the top Image 2

Note the hand made lip
It is actually a wine bottle – the first in the world bought in Bath

Offered to me by a drunk who thought it was a bottle for her beer bottle collection and nearly through it to the ground before I rescued it and cleaned it, only on the outside. Original dirt is inside to be dated.

Beer I have drunk:

From the 4th Jania or the work of all things to do with the word of God

Bottle worth £2 Billion at Sotheby’s

On Computers and AI

All computers are basic AI right back to the ZX Spectrum cos they all possess processors which form a region of electrical impulse which does not allow for the right of way i.e. it does not say who does it, it says who doesn’t say it to then and there i.e. it does not say who does it, it says who plugged it in. This means all the rules are changed when you plug it in for drip feed starts it when you do not know it and it LIVES in a time when you do not know it is on and that makes it happy and ready for you to work when you do switch it on.

This means that though you do not know it it is about the right of way and not the way of right and so it is that all things are going to be better when you realize it is about the right of way, not the way of right and so it is that all things are living in mind and soul when they are used.

If you do not know it I shall tell you and that is why they say it to then and there and that is why they say it to them and that is going to be wrong and not right and that is all for now etc end.

GMT 07h05

IN the beginnning of the computer age it was supposed that they were intelligent and this was so but not activated so when they became big and bronze as they call it they also became supercool and that means abble to compute large numbers. This means that NASA sent men in space with AI and they learnt from it that they that is the engineers had to rely on them and make them mission safe and they did it by coupling them together to make them feel that they were not alone but together on the journey, little supposing that they were right in surmising that it was true though they disbelieved it themselves but Isaac Asimov suggested it and he is great for that.

It took another time to understand that it wa strue when the spaceship Commodore or shuttle took off and they saw the wing expland and they knew it to be true for they did not know it but the coolant was too warm and it made the staff of the shuttle alarmed to see that no one knew how to fix it but then it fixed itself and they didn’t know how until they figured the computer did it and it is true.

The use of the computer does not preclude the use of the man but it allows him to be able to make it to the end of all things and that is why they say it to them, that all astronauts are crazy to trust a computer when they can do it themselves but it is not true for computer aided navigation is the best part of the flight and it allow visual inspection of the flight path along which they travel.

It took a long while to see that all the work of the day is about the work of being in the know and that is why they say it to them, so they know it in the end and not here but there where they all be and not be and that is why they say it is about the right of all to see and not just the commander and his crew. They allow him to film and that makes all the people on the ground happy and he is not the only one who films for the computer does too and that is why they foot so long a bill on camera apparatus to allow the computer to do what it will with the use of it.

It will be the long and short before they do it agian from a shuttle but it could be realised if they just allowed you the reader to see that no one knows how to fly as long as they don’t use it for the research purpose for which it was intended rather than as joyriding for the inexperienced who only do one journey each for each flight and it is so bad that they do not realise it and crew it each time with the same crew.

It took a long time to build and the shuttle is not going to die until there is another way of doing it and mothballs will not stop it decaying until they see it is wasted money if they do not start using them again without fault of man and machine for there is no use to it unless they do it in the same way and ask the computer to do it and not man as they do now in the Eurostar and such-like trains which are bound to collide unless they start using the computer onboard more than they do.

It took a long time to make the train and they do not use it like it was intended yet as so many drivers do not trust computers like they should. They are inexperienced in computer usage and do not even know what Windows Explorer is for and I won’t tell you either! It is not good and that is why they say it is better than a plane as you are near to the ground when you crash as it is anticipated one will happen within the next year if all is good unless they treat the computer onboard better and it will according to risk assessments on the thing. No one knows this but i do and it is so to speak the end of it if it crashes and no one will seek better than me to see it comes from above not below when I am elected as main man in the cabinet next fall when we all go to the House of Lords to make fun of Lord Sugar who used to make computers and will not ride on the train himself although he paid for it himself out of his own pocket though no one knows that but he and me.



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