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Reconstructed burdock hook – Solidworks

Of course once you have the morphology data what you do with this new “exact” morphology with its composite biomaterial composition of cellulose, at this size, you have something to test.

My pet theory was that one could develop a method for a single sample and then just repeat for many with exceptions or adjustments.

My other pet theory is there is always a “why” to design.  Why create yet Another plastic widget?  The truth is that they already exist, so you might as well do them yourself or someone else will.

And all you purist biologists/scientists had better remember a little phrase called Design for Manufacture. (DFM)  It’s a matter of Designing for Manufacture.  One needs to match up a manufacturing process with a product to keep costs down.  Not everyone can afford to layer manufacture and mass produce tiny pointed bent hooks.  Probably not anyone, yet.

Reconstructed burdock hook - Solidworks