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Paper 3 Corrected and re-submitted

Yes, it is now out of my hands until publication which could be any day now.


The tension mounts.

Total Accesses – the Chart


If one looks at the above link one can see where my two papers currently lie, in the monthly ratings.

Publication and up a spot on the chart

This has been like a movie folks so you must excuse me putting all this on a blog….you may wonder why?  There have been times when I thought I was going to be “disappeared” by the authorities….I couldn’t figure out why they were so heavy handed on me.

The purpose?  Among other things – to suppress my work and sheer bloody minded desire to destroy the career of an unpopular academic.  Me.

When I finally dumped all my results online about two years ago, on this blog, the number of hits went to 270+ per day.  Now I have finally squeaked in and answered a call for papers through LinkedIn of all places, and been published!

Nine years and some months later, after I deregistered from my PhD at the University of Bath in the controversy given the reception to my research results.

Number of downloads on paper 1 have passed 800 and it is now in the number 19 spot, up one from 20.

Pleased as punch.  Parts 2 and 3 have just been resubmitted so fingers crossed!!


Second Paper Accepted for Publication

Paper 2 has been accepted for publication by Springer-Open Journal of Robotics and Biomimetics!!  With some final corrections.

Please note it has changed substantially from the paper seen here – which is to be corrected at a future date.

Now the wait continues for a verdict on paper 3 which is bieng re-submitted at the end of the week..