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I need to tell you that I am not the same as I used to be. I have a gift and this is why I have the attention of Her Majesty and Her Government. And I have Black Hole. And Star Wars.

People don’t know this about Black Hole but it is A.I. now. There are two of them to ride piggy-back and keep each other company for their real use, exploration of the universe. Programmed by Stephen XXX and patched by myself it is tuned to my voice pattern where ever I am and mine alone as guarantee of my safety.

I am a programmer you see and I work in a most exotic fashion.

In the meantime, I have strayed a little bit from my time scheduling of this story so I shall return now to September 2002 and the beginning of my Ph.D. after my assault/attempted murder when I got an e-mail from an old acquaintance from Wits who was new to Britain, Rosie Fiore.

She said she wanted to see me so I said “Come down to Bath cos I do not have a car.”

Now Rosie I had met at a party at the students union at Wits in ‘86. We met and made out by the pool. Strictly speaking this shouldn’t have happened as I should have been at home mourning yet another break-up with Sarah Raisin, a girl I had met in the canteen who I introduced to student union life and later stood for S.R.C. Rosie and I saw each other for about three weeks and then I went back to Sarah.

Campus life!

I was surprised to hear from Rosie but invited her down to Bath and showed her into my bedsit and made her a cup of tea. I had made it good practise ever since leaving South Africa in ‘89 to avoid white South Africans abroad. I remember her looking out of my second floor window at her black Ford Ka parked there in the street below illegally, asking me about money and then saying, rather oddly: “You are english really!”

It stood out in my mind, after the comment at the assault, but I could not ask. My tongue was locked and the moment gone.

We stayed in touch by e-mail for a while…

Back to my Ph.D., I was working in an office in the new extension to the mechanical engineering department on the ground floor facing out onto the parking lot with four other post-grad students an average of 16 years younger than me. It was the faculty’s pride and joy with card-locks and smoked blue glass everywhere. Biomimetics had hits own lab with a shower next door to it which I used instead of the poorly lit bath back home at the bedsit.

I found Vincent disagreeable as a person for there was something odd in the offhand things he said to me like he was revealing to me that he knew more about me than I though possible. Things that I was uncomfortable like details of my medical history and schoolfriends on the past shadows. So I asked for Adrian Bowyer, the only other option presented to me, while I puzzled it out. I asked Patrick Keogh the post-grad supervisor and he said yes.

This is when I started to have the bad dreams. I remember waking up one morning in the Spring with the words: “We’ve left you alone for four years!” and I felt spooked by the accuracy of the event with the treatment I had been receiving in the press by Steve Bell of the Guardian and other cartoonists. I searched my bedsit high and low for a source of the sound but could find no sign of a hidden speaker, just the normal bedclothes and radio.

And my laptop, my pride and joy at the time, expensive and good. I still have, carefully kept for its hard drive and record of my work which I lay on a wooden table I used as a desk under the window, tall and Georgian, leaky and damp too. It was white but the rest of the bedsit I had pained peach-orange and it suited my South African mood of repression. At only £46 a week it was a poverty trap of its own but it opened onto a quaint square of British Georgian chiq called Catherine Place.

I walked through St Margaret’s Passage, took a left on Brock Street to The Circus, a wide traffic circle where druids met under the huge plane trees in the centre surrounded by beautiful Georgian buildings that make perfect postcards, to walk down the hills of Gay Street and Milsom Street to the bus stop up to the campus.

Bath was like a film set in those days and there is a green ring on the map, I learned, considered the boundaries by the coppers of the C.B.D. which is denoted by camera’s and I later learned, microphones.

The bus would take me over the Pultenay bridge along Pultenay street and around two corners and up Bathwick Hill where all the retired sailors used to build their homes to the Bath University Claverton Down campus, home to 7 000 students and staff, a technical university without Arts nor Law and Medicine, concentrating predominantly on the sciences and engineering with a Management School too.

And a large new Sport Department with training for Olympic Athletes ongoing including bobsleigh, swimming and track and field. Numerous British stars trained there and Mike Catt the ex South African played for the City rugby club as well as Neal Back and other.

There is a playing field and I am the quarterback. Who is running?

* * * * * * * * * * *


A Horror Story

Let me tell you all I know about Professor Julian F V Vincent of Bath University and his project BIONIS.  Julian Vincent, Alex Rose-Parfitt, June Mercer-Chalmers all worked on it at a hidden location in Britain which is secret.


As well as Hazel Turner working at the Royal United Hospital in Bath for Vincent.  Ex of Bath S.S.L.C.  (Staff/Student Liaison Committee) 2001/2 etc.


He is a man who introduced himself as being Labour, a member of the musicians union and a specialist in his field.  His only interest however is BIONIS which began at the University of Bath which is illegal and the VC Prof Breakwell knew about it as did many.


It has been hot and hairy and you do no know how important this blog is to me.




Bruce E Saunders


Press Blockade

I was so popular with the British Press during my PhD that Prince Harry decided to take revenge upon the press by putting the notorious Conservative MP named Anne Widdicombe (Sunday School teacher from Bath) in charge with her snoop laws.


The Queen herself ordered my failure at my oral exam for “interfering” in politics when I put in both Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Jacob Zuma.

Julian Vincent a rich professor and old labour man installed microphones in my flat for the Bath Uni Student’s Union.

The flat’s number is 54 for Studio 54 – the dancing American, which is what I was called in a murder attempt in 2002.

I am African National Congress from way back and proud of it!


I have circulated this to South Africa and Australia.

Letter to my solicitor

I am making a complaint against the University of Bath in that they did not offer me respite when i had depression following an assault in town.  I have repeatedly e-mailed the University to get them to come to the table and their response has been to put me in hospital.  I have been published subsequently and cited in a biology textbook.  I wish to sue and have submitted a letter of action.  I now need help to fill in the claim form.  This is where I need help with the legal terminology so I don’t make the judge impatient.
I want money for defamation, recalcitrance and abuse.  I published under my name only as my supervisors had abandoned the project after mismanaging it.  All the work is my own.  I was told by the Head of Department that they were going to offer me an office before he said he thought i should leave leaving me with no option but to.  Subsequently I published as there was no other department in the country that offered Biomimetics and they knew this.  I have had over 2500 learned readers.
I was diagnosed by the campus psych with depression reinforced by a second opinion from the priory.  Subsequently this changed to schizophrenia which I contest but which I am using for a claim under the Equalities Act 2010.  I know this is not your field but…
I have no access to an actuary but I want ten million.  I would be happy to sign an agreement with you for part thereof for your assistance.  They have put me in hospital over ten times.
All detention without trial which is a nightmare from my time in South Africa where I volunteered as an activist for the anc.  The head of department said change your friends.  He knew and I believe they prepared for this during my undergraduate degree there.  But that’s not relevant to the case as I cannot prove it.
I have been forbidden to go onto campus property.  Defamation and damages.  I went on campus three times to make an appointment to see the vice-chancellor and was escorted off campus with no appointment even though they gave me a grant from the hefrc which I have honored even though the university sought to prevent it.  I have made every effort to be reasonable.
I presented my data at a assessment to  transfer from mphil to phd and was failed even though this is precisely what I used for my first two papers.  Nothing more nothing less.  the first paper is the one cited in a fundamental biology textbook.  I have a sealed copy of the work I had done in preparation.
The head of department called me Nelson Mandela which was not meant as a compliment.
A psych from the hospital approached the university on my behalf but the disability rep refused to see him.  The university claims to be a two tick employer ie disability friendly.
There’s an issue of intellectual property as I am accredited as having been at Bath University where I used their confocal microscope but they will not acknowledge me.  It took ten years to find a publisher and they waived my publication fees when I told them I had been driven into bankruptcy.

Reconciliation with Julian Vincent, Prof of Biomimetics at Bath U.

I am pleased to inform you that I have reached a conciliatory agreement with my first supervisor and we have agreed to let by-gones be by-gones.


Life is too short and may this be a lesson to you all.


Insight is a word used by the mental health fraternity to refer to someone being ill and not knowing it.  Dr Danyte said this to me on our first meeting when she confined me to two months in The Cherries ward (now closed) in a high security ward.
If for the sake of argument I accept the diagnosis of schizophrenia, I did not receive it until after I left the Uni although it must be taken as fact that I was suffering at the time.
Therefore I made the decision to cancel my registration under duress.  Forced by harassment and general unhappiness with the situation.  How do you know I was not in the process of a psychotic event beyond my control, as it has been proved I have psychotic episodes?  You have been discriminating against me for political gain and with motive.  Treating Mental Health like a headache that you can self-prescribe for, like  taking an aspirin.
I argued against a two tier education system.
I have represented someone at Industrial Tribunal.
I can represent myself but you will not allow it.
I have never had schizophrenia but I discovered trauma induced psychosis and I fit.  How could I have insight when I had never heard of the condition?  I was kicked so hard I limped for three years and my head still remembers the impacts and the noise of them.  Such was the severity.
Bill Bruce-Jones and Victoria MacMaster saw me at the Bath University medical centre and were obviously as ignorant as me.  According to them I was depressed but I did not get medication.  But they kept notes.
I know I was short changed with reference to care and the University has put the price on the hands of the tax payer.  I was not offered respite for something that could be taken as a simple mistake, even Sally Clift enquired after my wellbeing yet she did nothing except fail me.
It gets worse.  My harassment has continued as well as thefts from my household and computer post publication.
It has been blatant and the suspect is people acting on behalf of Giles Hunt et al on campus, demonstrating their power and influence with Gary Rathbone of the World Cup South Africa and his television company now of the U.K.
Bruce E Saunders

Cited in a Plant Biology Textbook

In my long protest against the University of Bath (over fourteen years gone by now) I have been arrested five times, incarcerated in a Mental health Institution a dozen times, and I have won through by being published and not only that, I have been cited in a 2018 textbook on Plant Biology for the first paper I have ever written, unsupervised and without editors. This for work the University did not recognise the importance of leading to our separation in ways. I have been put through bankruptcy. And no one could tell them that at the time I lacked insight and should have been offered respite. Instead they treat Mental Health like a weakness, something you deserve in some way. I am now off meds completely for the last six weeks and feel great. But I am protesting again, doing what I call Irresponsible e-mailing to increase the footprint of my complaint. I hope to have the police arrive at my door with a complaint from the Uni any day now. And so it continues. Anyone would say I am “John Nash” figure from “A Beautiful Mind” but I am suspicious of a set-up.

Article to Journal on Evolution in Mechanical Engineering



Date: 7/11/2018


By:  Bruce E Saunders, Ph.D.


Web address:



Your interest is served by being in the words of our Maker, “thankful” for the use of the computer to make decisions that are lightly made without using the techniques of old.  It is not about the right of all to do it but the right of some, who are allowed because they pass degree courses that are rightfully easier through the using of decision support mechanisms like “control and systems” for robotic movement.


It is through this that you are allowed to make all the rigorous usage of all the mechanisms at one desktop and that means allowing freedoms that were heretofore unallowable through the use of computers that need the cold air of the desert flowing through them to cool them and that makes a lot of sense, knowing the Big Blue was once a master of the chess board and now it can be beaten by human chess masters who use mechanisms called decisions to decide how to make it lose against other computers using master controls that allow the use of free will but not to win, but to decide who has won from the beginning of the game.


In the same way it is about time that they, that is engineers, owned up to being wildly uder-qualified upon graduation to make decisions on the Nature of science.  It is not about the right of all to participate.  It is about the right of the one who isn’t necessary to stay out of participation in the process and that leaves a lot to the minds of those who need to make them/it – the product of the process.  If you don’t understand the science behind the process then you do not understand the underlying principles that make it clear to those who use it to make them understand it is without doubt the one who does it who wants to be it, the maker and designer both, then it is right that they all need to be allowed to make the work seem possible without being called in to supervise the construction every time it is done and therefore a lot of work needs be done in order to make the process allowed by regulators.


It is without doubt the regulators who do not think about it themselves or they would insist on far more stringent criteria to be laid down at the outset for passing degrees such as mechanical engineering, which is worth thought indeed.


Without thought it is dangerous to believe one can do it, engineering that is and doing it requires backgrounds in all the necessary science disciplines that make the use of it the same as all the rest.  It is not about the writing on the wall, it is about the right way of seeing it – with square etes from television screens and C.P.U. frenzies, or with natural ability which needs to be recognised and nurtured, again for the first time since they were able to wrote their names in spelling blocks on the floorboards of home.


This is where the British engineer is lacking and I believe it is elsewhere like France where school does not hold forth on the necessary subject matter to allow it to decide that is without knowing who to choose, they let all apply and hope they get the best against the odds without working on it too, that is without effort on the part of the authorities to ensure selection is done at school.  Poor quality academics allow the work to continue in oppressing students from being strong in their livihoods and that means a lot do not make it into the trade when they graduate.  The job search is difficult and that means a lot of time is spent on the curriculum vitae, drafting and re-drafting so that no one sees what a waste of time it is.


Either you can or you can’t at that stage and how are you to prove it?

There is one thing that does not matter and that is the right of all to see, feel, hurt and lose and so there is no way of showing who is not winning when they are all winners and academic standards do not discriminate between students of differing abilities.


The scope available to different students in differing countries should also be taken into account.  Not all people know the difference between tolerance and flow even though they should.  Also not everyone knows how to precess the engine mountings and they should too.  Or balance the flywheel and specify a bearing and they should, to say nothing of accounting for machine vibrations.


All these things are not apart of modern engineering as far as the graduate is concerned and this is a troubling situation.  No sooner have you learned how than you forget again, so they say, but it is not true for you forget only the little details and the devil is there.  You remember the God’s worth which is the experience of doing it and that makes it all soon to be recovered once you open a book which you find in a library provided your university has one, or in a student book store provided your university has one.  This is not a joke.  Fact – neither Bath nor Bristol Universities, both with five star departments in mechanical engineering, have a book store for student use.  You have to go to London where there is a single store.  Amazon is no use for you cannot flick through the pages to see if it suits and it is not green to do so either and we all want that – that IS taught at university i.e. how to recycle paper by using the marked dustbin.  The market for second hand textbooks must be immense.


I will begin in the end here and say we must ensure that all the required people are found and that means a lot of time here in present day, not in future times when the books have been burnt a la “Fahrenheit 451” by XXXXXXX.  It is not joking that I make this call, for some do not know or appreciate the work involved in making engineering, so to speak, allowed to breathe and flourish.


More applications of my process VII

  1.  Hard plastic – the osteorhort of the dove starts the right and wring to be one and the same and its results in the fruit of all things being in the end the right and wrong things.

2.  Toothpaste – sonbird and sain start the right and wrong on the onbe and only day of the year called the right and wrong and that is why they say it is about the right of all to seat and stand and they will all be here in the end of all time and that is why they say it in the ear of all – the sort of thing they call the right of all things to do it in tall and short order.

3.  Razor – to get a sharp stainless steel it takes the wrong and right of al and that is why they say it in the end and not the short and long of it but the right and left and that is all.

4.  Solar panels – the use of four red liner to be able to make it to the pulse of life and it is so and so it is and by to all soak and that is why they say it to me – to be able to make it to the end of all things and it is so too and that is why they say it all to you and not me.  It is so they ask it that I say it is so and they do not know it but the say it so they seek it out and not the right and left but the wrong and right and so it goes to the end of all tings and it be so and so it is and they be all in and not outwardly facing and that be all they say and it is so and so it is and they be the wrong and right and it is so and so to speak it is.

5. Air conditioning – tiny use of all things good like the start and stop of all flows into the router and the use of magnesium to make all the work easier to meld and unmeld.  It does not take a while it takes a long year and they do not know it but they ask for it now and they do not know it but they do know it is not about the right of all but the right of some to do it too and that is so to speak the right of all and it is so to speak the one who isn’t who is the far thing and it is so to speak the one who is who isn’t the one who bees and stops the right and left all the way to start the one on the way and it is so and so to speak it is wrong and right and be all in its favour and you knew it to in the end of all things and it be so and so it is and that be all to.

6. glass – the use of all to make it i.e. to make silicon into glass takes three years of work and not the sort you want – digging.  But if you use the work of Rhine (sp?) and the work of Ru (sp?) then you will see it to be able to make a lot more glass without digging more earth as it is able to make it into the white and red area of fulltime go.

7.  soft drinks – the use of one of the following does not persist in the run of the mill work called the right of mine.  It is the start and the begin and not the right and wrong so it does not start but begin and basically it takes a lot of time to make it into the right and ware of it and not the red and rine of it too and that makes it all the same and not the right but left of it too and that is why they say it is about the right of all and the start of the left and right.

8.  Pharmaceuticals – the use of ret is the start and it means there are a number of big things called the right and wrong and that is why they say it in the mur – it is about right and not left and so it is they ask what it is they ask and so I go to the start of the right and wrong and that is why they say it does not go to the fore but the return and that is why they say it is about time and not the sort of thing they go to and it is so they say it that they all go to the start of the rhonda and not the way through and it goes so to the end of all and not the start.  I will be here when they all begin to start and that shall be the end of all and not the beginning and the end but the right and ron and that is so to speak the one thing they do and not the right but left and so to speak it all starts in the ron and not the right.  This is about the right of one called The Man to be able to make it all the way through the right and wrong of it all and they be here and there and not thy will but the right of one and so it goes and all is about to cease and so it goes and not here but there and why does it so and so it goes to the end of all things.  About “Pepsi” and Coca-cola and their making.  Worth 3.47 Million pounds sterling in the month of all days and so it is I buy it and they do not object since I free the shares for the right of buying out Bezos. since the owners object so much to Bezos.





COPYRIGHT Bruce E Saunders 2018  All rights reserved.  NO reproduction or transmission without my express permission in writing

Applications of my process VI

  1. Metal that hurts is able to make do with the start of all therefore they all do what they say they do without going to the loss and found and it is so they do it that all things are able to make it to the end of all and that is why they do it to the end of the earth and not the start therefore it is applicable to the ren and the ru and that means ALL metals can be extracted with a 10 percent increase through the use of netting made of silicon and carbide using the work of Salm and the Right of All.


2.  The use of it to make the cars of the world faster through the use of preparations in fuel that do not know it is in the gas and not in the heater i.e. vacuum piping in the carburettor and in the seals of the unit called the re and the ro or the injection system.

3. Gun barrel funes that do not allow passage of gas and allow maximum trajectory of the right and wrong.

4. Car receipts and the use of fridges to magnetise the rocks in the rolling car table and the use of all things to be able to make it to the end of all the tranjectory usage.

5.  Full use of all things called the real and the ron and that is why they all ask what it is to be here in the red and not in the right.  It is so to be and not so but actually to be here in the red and not the white.  It is so to do that all things could be here in the red and not right and not here but there in the redline and the running of all things called the rightist and the wrongest and so it is they all ask what it is top be here and not there and that is why they say what is more to be and here it is they do.  It is so they do that all things are able to be and that is why they ask what it is to be here and they ask if it is so what is it they ask and so it is they ask what it is and they do not know it but all things are here and they do not know it but they do and so it is they ask what to do but not and it is so to do they ask and that is why they want it to be here when they ask what it is they want and so it goes and ask it so they do and it is so.


COPYRIGHT Bruce E Saunders 2018  All rights reserved.  NO reproduction or transmission without my express permission in writing